Prioritized Investment Flows into Four Economic Pillars

11:21:03 AM | 9/10/2023 | KON TUM

Kon Tum province has been accelerating investment attraction into three driving economic regions: Bo Y International Border Gate Economic Zone in Ngoc Hoi district, Mang Den National Ecotourism Area in Kon Plong district, and Kon Tum City.

Kon Tum - Half Term of Vibrant Development

11:16:29 AM | 9/10/2023 | KON TUM

After half a term of implementing the resolution of the 16th Provincial Party Congress, Kon Tum province’s socioeconomic development has witnessed significant progress.

Enhancing Administrative Reform to Boost Investment Attraction

10:38:21 AM | 20/9/2023 | KON TUM

As a key driver of socio-economic development and investment attraction, administrative procedure reform has been prioritized by Kon Tum province, which has implemented comprehensive solutions to enhance the quality of management and administration, expedite administrative procedures, and satisfy the needs of the local people.

Kon Tum - Ideal Destination for Investors

10:33:02 AM | 20/9/2023 | KON TUM

In the post-COVID-19 investment shift trend, Kon Tum province has sustained its trust and attractiveness for investors as a destination with a favorable, open, and safe investment environment.

Kon Tum Strives for Better PCI, Higher Growth Quality

4:12:59 PM | 6/9/2023 | KON TUM

The Kon Tum Party Committee has identified that improving the business investment environment and enhancing competitiveness are the key drivers to increase investment outcomes, raise growth quality, and accomplish socioeconomic development goals.

Kon Tum: Pushing Investment Promotion

4:07:45 PM | 6/9/2023 | KON TUM

Recognizing the importance of attracting investment to local socio-economic development, Kon Tum Investment Promotion and Startup Support Center has implemented a set of solutions to innovate and strengthen investment promotion and advertising activities.

Kon Tum: Rewarding Better Business Investment Environment

11:16:45 AM | 4/5/2023 | KON TUM

The 110-year history of development, together with specific factors of topography, soil, climate, natural diversity and industrious and hospitable people, has shaped Kon Tum's unique appeal and made the Central Highlands province an ideal destination for domestic and foreign investors.

Priority Given to Investment in Hi-tech Agriculture

10:00:19 AM | 9/2/2023 | KON TUM

With an agricultural land area of over 902,000 ha or more than 93% of the natural land area, coupled with favorable climate and soil conditions, Kon Tum province has great potential for agricultural development.

110-year Kon Tum Journey Proud to Look Back, Confident to Move Forward

11:21:19 AM | 8/2/2023 | KON TUM

Looking to the future, with a new position and force, Kon Tum province firmly believes in its innovation and integration and strives to become one of the most developed localities in the Central Highlands.

Resolved to Create Open, Transparent and Equal Business Investment Environment

10:11:31 AM | 8/2/2023 | KON TUM

Besides stepping up administrative reform, Kon Tum province has focused on fostering investment promotion, and prioritizing resources for developing synchronous and modern infrastructure systems in industrial zones.