Catalan Boulevard Uplifting Lang Son Real Estate Market

10:30:53 AM | 12/5/2021

Catalan Boulevard, a well-placed strategic project invested by Catalan Joint Stock Company on National Highway 1A, is expected to generate a strong impression on the northeast real estate market. Catalan Boulevard integrates living values and commercial values with ideal off-site facilities. Planned to be the symbol of "Boulevard to prosperity", Catalan Boulevard is gradually realizing a different living class and elevating the future of the Lang Son real estate market.

A turning point with Catalan Boulevard

Catalan Joint Stock Company is a well-established paving tile brand on the market. Founded in 2007, after 14 years of construction and development, Catalan has continuously grown to assert its brand name in the country and reach demanding markets such as the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Iraq, Taiwan, Australia and Yemen, and is making inroads into the United States. Catalan prides itself on maintaining the most rigorous standards in demanding markets.

After four phases of investment expansion, from the first factory capable of making 9 million square meters of product a year, Catalan has strongly grown to become a major producer of tiles with modern manufacturing facilities capable of turning out 27 million square meters of product a year. Currently, Catalan has 38 distributors and more than 5,000 retailers nationwide.

Intended to diversify business lines, with its experience of supplying tiles for high-end real estate projects in the country, Catalan Joint Stock Company officially expanded its business into real estate investment, with focus on important projects that bring outstanding benefits to the community and serve long-term development of Vietnamese real estate market. The first place to set foot is Catalan Boulevard project in Lang Son province.

 Mr. Nguyen Van Nguyen, Deputy General Director of Catalan, said, “Catalan Boulevard is a strategic real estate project; we want to devote all our efforts to bring the perfect product and lay a solid foundation in the future business development strategy.”

Catalan Boulevard - New leading light on Lang Son real estate market

Catalan Boulevard is well located on National Highway 1A in Dong Kinh Ward, Lang Son City. Within a 3-km radius, residents can easily access convenient services in the city center, including Dong Kinh Market, Kindergarten 2-9, Chu Van An Gifted High School and Lang Son General Hospital.

In particular, the project is located on a trade road directly connected to Huu Nghi International Border Gate. This is considered a place to welcome potential importers and importers and promote trade and service development.

Catalan Boulevard, built on more than 15,000 square meters, features neoclassical European design. It comprises 92 high-class low-rise buildings, including 80 shophouses and 12 duplex villas with synchronous infrastructure. With a 6-meter frontage, separate foundation, separate wall, roadway and paved sideways, smart electric chargers and green spaces, Catalan Boulevard will bring a convenient and fresh living environment for residents. Especially, this is an innovative project that sets a new standard of living for Lang Son residents and Catalan Joint Stock Company also makes an innovative four-floor, one-mezzanine design for shophouses. This is the first and only project to have this impressive design in Lang Son City. This helps increase for business activity and create a unique feature, while ensuring aesthetic elements in the product structure.

Deputy General Director Nguyen Van Nguyen added, “With a serious, slow but sure, investment approach, Catalan Boulevard products ensure legal transparency, construction permission, detailed planning, foundation acceptance test and other licenses such as fire prevention and environmental protection. Catalan is resolute to its pursuit of quality and maximum benefit to customers. Then, the ripple effect of the Catalan brand will spread into other projects."

With synchronous planning and classy design, Catalan Boulevard is gradually realizing the dream of a boulevard to prosperity, making a masterpiece on National Highway 1A with perfect values to establish a new living standard for Lang Son residents.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum