Effectively Connecting Businesses and Government

10:14:51 AM | 12/5/2021

Nearly 10 years after its establishment, with practical and effective activities, Lang Son Business Association has affirmed its role and position with the leaders of the province and business community in Lang Son.

Currently, Lang Son Business Association has more than 3,000 members with 3 organizations, 5 branches and affiliated clubs. Over the past years, the Association has made great efforts in renewing its contents and modes of operation, adhering to its key tasks, expanding and promoting its role as a representative organization for businesses. At the same time, the Association also organizes activities to support business development, actively and effectively contributing to the economic development of the province.

In particular, from the beginning of 2020 up to now, facing the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Committee of Lang Son Business Association regularly monitors and surveys the operation of affiliated associations, production processes, and business activities of member enterprises. Then the Association can promptly grasp and support members to solve arising problems and at the same time, to synthesize opinions, recommendations and suggestions of enterprises to all levels of authorities to remove bottlenecks, support enterprises to invest, develop and expand production and business activities. Thereby, the prestige and role of Lang Son Business Association have been increasingly affirmed in the Lang Son business community.

From 2020, the Provincial People's Committee assigns Lang Son Business Association to be the focal point to organize the implementation of The District and Department Competitiveness Index (DDCI). After 5 years of implementation, from the initial pilot stage in 2017 with 21 units including 15 departments, branches and 6 districts, up to now, 35 units including 24 departments, branches and 11 districts and city, have been evaluated. Every year, according to the evaluation results, the governance of departments, branches, districts and city has been significantly improved. It therefore will contribute to the improvement of the business investment environment of the province in a synchronous and sustainable manner, which is recognized and appreciated by the business community.

The year 2021 is the first year to implement the Resolution of the XIII National Party Congress and the Resolution of the 17th Lang Son Provincial Party Congress. Mr. Dao Trong Tam, Vice Chairman and General Secretary of the Association, said “The provincial Lang Son Business Association continues to well perform its functions and duties, and coordinates with provincial management agencies to implement Resolution 02 / NQ-CP on continuing to perform the main tasks and solutions to improve the business environment and enhance national competitiveness. Along with that, the Association effectively implements the Provincial Enterprise Development Project up to 2025, focusing on promoting propaganda for business households eligible to establish enterprises, striving to establish 400-500 new enterprises. At the same time, the Association increases support for enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in legal terms, restructuring, technology innovation and production and business methods.”

Regarding the business investment environment of Lang Son province, Mr. Dao Trong Tam shared that Lang Son is a border mountainous province whose socio-economic infrastructure has not met the development requirements, especially the land access, land use planning and site clearance. The province’s industrial zones and clusters have not been formed with clean ground for enterprises to invest in production development and administrative reform has not achieved high results. Therefore, Lang Son business community desires for departments, branches, districts and city to continue strictly implementing the province's motto “Tighten discipline, strengthen responsibility, implement drastic action and make breakthrough" and "Strengthening administrative reform and strengthening administrative discipline", focusing on resolving problems that have lasted for many years, building confidence for businesses to feel secure in developing production and business, contributing to improving DDCI index and creating momentum to improve the ranking of the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in the next time.

By Nguyen Bach, Vietnam Business Forum