Leading Light in Investment Attraction

9:37:12 AM | 17/3/2022 | BAC LIEU

Despite struggling with inadequate infrastructure, especially technical infrastructure, with its absolute determination for a better investment environment, Bac Lieu province has become a leading light in investment attraction.

Industrial Park Infrastructure Ready to Welcome Investors

9:27:21 AM | 17/3/2022 | BAC LIEU

At present, Tra Kha and Lang Tram industrial parks in Bac Lieu province are included in the National Industrial Zone Plan. Tra Kha Industrial Park is nearly 100% occupied by tenants and the province is thus calling investors to build and operate infrastructure in Lang Tram Industrial Park.

Bac Lieu Province: Strong Economic Growth in Mekong Delta

9:21:00 AM | 17/3/2022 | BAC LIEU

Despite being heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the care and support of the central government and the effort of the Party, government, people and business community, Bac Lieu province has basically completed the dual goals of drastically preventing and combating the COVID-19 pandemic and protecting people's health, and recovering socioeconomic development.

Thoroughly Saving Recurrent Expenditures to Increase Development Investment

9:19:06 AM | 17/3/2022 | BAC LIEU

In the context of limited budget resources, Bac Lieu has thoroughly saved recurrent expenses, striving to reduce the proportion of recurrent expenditures, and using increased revenue to spend on development investment. It has mobilized all social resources to combine with resources from the state budget in order to invest in infrastructure and socio-economic development.

Actively Containing Pandemic, Taking Care of Human Health

9:16:53 AM | 17/3/2022 | BAC LIEU

Actively preventing pandemics; investing for better healthcare service; and raising the sense of responsibility and service attitude of health workers are key tasks of the health sector of Bac Lieu province in 2022.

Focus On Socioeconomic Recovery and Development Solutions

9:12:11 AM | 17/3/2022 | BAC LIEU

Immediately after the COVID-19 pandemic was controlled, Bac Lieu province focused on reviewing and applying solutions to deal with difficulties against people and businesses and adopted many solutions to economic recovery and development.

“Safe Travel - Full Experience”

9:10:38 AM | 17/3/2022 | BAC LIEU

Bac Lieu province has been implementing many solutions to soon bring the tourism industry back to operation, meeting the sightseeing, tourism and resort needs of people and tourists, thereby speeding up the recovery process and socio-economic development.

Overcoming COVID-19 Pandemic to Sustain Business Activities

11:12:52 AM | 16/3/2022 | BAC LIEU

Supporting businesses to overcome current difficulties and expand post-COVID-19 development is one of key tasks of the industry and trade sector of Bac Lieu province.

Resolute to Ensure Project Quality and Progress

11:11:13 AM | 16/3/2022 | BAC LIEU

The decisive leadership of the Party Committee and the Board of Directors, the high solidarity and determination of the staff are vital for the Bac Lieu Management Board of Civil and Industrial Construction Investment Projects to successfully complete its assigned tasks.

Effective ST24, ST25 Rice Production Model in Bac Lieu

11:08:22 AM | 16/3/2022 | BAC LIEU

ST24 and ST25 rice varieties, developed by Mr. Ho Quang Cua and his scientist colleagues, have proved their quality and brand in the market. In Bac Lieu province, ST24 and ST25 have been piloted since 2020, yielding high productivity, quality and efficiency.