Bac Lieu Industrial Parks Reliable Destinations for Investors

10:37:47 AM | 19/11/2020 | BAC LIEU

Possessing abundant and diverse economic development advantages, Bac Lieu province has become increasingly attractive investors and its industrial parks are trusted and chosen by many domestic and foreign investors as their business destinations. The following is the interview with Mr. Vuong Tuan Tai, Director of the Bac Lieu Industrial Parks Authority. Thanh Tung reports.

Bac Lieu Hi-tech Agricultural Park for Shrimp Development: Launchpad for Bac Lieu to Become Shrimp Hub of the Country

12:56:11 PM | 18/11/2020 | BAC LIEU

As a coastal province, Bac Lieu is endowed with favorable conditions for aquaculture development, especially hi-tech shrimp farming with many effective models. To bring this strength into full play, the province is carrying out Bac Lieu Hi-tech Agricultural Park for Shrimp Development. Once completed and operated, this facility will leverage Bac Lieu into a center of shrimp breeding, farming and processing of the region and the whole country.

Bac Lieu - Bright Spot in Regional Development Picture

10:32:30 AM | 28/7/2020 | BAC LIEU

This information was revealed by Mr. Duong Thanh Trung, Chairman of Bac Lieu Provincial People’s Committee, to Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter about local socioeconomic development in recent years. Socioeconomic development and investment attraction produced positive results, gradually making Bac Lieu a “bright spot” in the overall picture of the Mekong Delta region. Quoc Hung reports.

Bac Lieu Tourism: Strong Transformation

9:44:21 AM | 22/7/2020 | BAC LIEU

Being a coastal delta province, in addition to advantages for development of agriculture, renewable energy and marine economy, Bac Lieu also has vast potential for tourism development with various types and specific products, such as cultural tourism, ecological tourism and experience travelling.

Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co., Ltd - Prestigious Supplier of Building Materials and Interior Decorations

9:41:30 AM | 22/7/2020 | BAC LIEU

Taking prestige and honesty as a compass, and taking quality and customer satisfaction as a foundation for development, Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co. Ltd has continuously grown from a small business household into one of the prestigious suppliers of construction materials and interior decorations in Bac Lieu and many provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta.

Good Relationship Makes Synergized Power

9:38:10 AM | 22/7/2020 | BAC LIEU

Entrepreneur Hoang Thanh Long, President and CEO of Hoang Phat Construction Investment Joint Stock Company, came to Bac Lieu in 2010 in response to the province’s appeal to invest in local investment projects. So far, the good relationship has created a synergized power that helps the company as well as Bac Lieu province achieve important successes.

VNPT Bac Lieu Ready to Pioneer for "Real Life"

12:04:10 PM | 7/5/2019 | BAC LIEU

In order to fulfill the responsibility as “The leading telecommunication service provider", VNPT Bac Lieu will continue to have outstanding directions, offering superior...

Duc Loi Bac Lieu Co., Ltd Constantly Innovating

11:58:51 AM | 7/5/2019 | BAC LIEU

Over the past years, Duc Loi Bac Lieu Limited Liability Company (Co., Ltd) has overcome difficulties and challenges to stand firm on domestic and international markets...

Viet Uc-Bac Lieu JSC Aspirational for New Heights

11:35:14 AM | 7/5/2019 | BAC LIEU

The viewpoints and criteria of the competition of Viet-Uc Seafood Corporation are to maintain their position with the quality of breeds, service, price...

Bac Lieu Seizing Every Opportunity for Inclusive Development

11:17:25 AM | 7/5/2019 | BAC LIEU

Bac Lieu is known not only as the center of Oc Eo culture but also as a land of unique cultural beauty, stupendous rice farming and aquaculture...