Kien Giang: Appropriate Strategies Poised to Propel Tourism Industry to New Heights

8:15:08 AM | 30/4/2024 | KIEN GIANG

In 2023, Kien Giang province surpassed all annual tourism plans and targets, with a notable surge in international tourist arrivals.

Improving PCI Index with Practical Actions

1:36:17 PM | 9/1/2024 | KIEN GIANG

According to the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) 2022, Kien Giang province ranked 56th out of 63 provinces and cities, scoring 62.24 points, climbing four places over 2021.

Fostering Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Development

1:34:31 PM | 9/1/2024 | KIEN GIANG

Currently, Kien Giang is one of the most-visited provinces in the Mekong Delta and a "bright spot" in the country's tourism map.

Appeal from Open and Transparent Investment Environment

1:23:36 PM | 9/1/2024 | KIEN GIANG

Resolved to fully tap all available potential advantages and efforts to create an open and transparent business investment environment, Kien Giang province has obtained many important achievements in investment attraction.

Industry and Trade Sector: Sustaining Strong Growth Trajectory

1:16:23 PM | 9/1/2024 | KIEN GIANG

In 2023, Kien Giang province started implementing its socioeconomic development plan amid many difficulties and challenges. As a backbone of the economy, the industry and trade sector of Kien Giang province promptly adopted key groundbreaking programs and achieved outstanding results.

Kien Giang Fulfills Aspirations to Attain Leadership in Mekong Delta

1:13:06 PM | 9/1/2024 | KIEN GIANG

After half the current term executing the resolution of the 11th Provincial Party Congress (2020-2025 term), Kien Giang province has reaped outstanding achievements in all fields, laying an important foundation for it to realize the goal of becoming the most developed province in the Mekong Delta.

Focusing on Human Resources Training, Quality Improvement

12:56:58 PM | 9/1/2024 | KIEN GIANG

Improving the quality of human resources is one of the key tasks being promoted by Kien Giang province to meet business needs and market needs as well as local socioeconomic development goals.

Promotes Digital Transformation

12:55:17 PM | 9/1/2024 | KIEN GIANG

In recent years, Kien Giang province has focused on synchronously implementing tasks and solutions to promote comprehensive digital transformation and achieved many positive results, contributing to improving the quality of service for people and businesses, creating a driving force for socio-economic development.

Kien Giang Development Investment Fund: Effective Financial Support Channel for All Economic Sectors

12:49:47 PM | 9/1/2024 | KIEN GIANG

The fund granted by Kien Giang Development Investment Fund (KGDIF) has worked well and played an important role as a source of “seed capital” to attract financial resources from companies for investment projects and prioritized development areas of the province.

Kien Giang Economic Zones Authority: Facilitating Supportive Environment for Businesses and Investors

12:47:26 PM | 9/1/2024 | KIEN GIANG

In 2023, investment promotion and attraction into border gate economic zones and industrial parks was quite difficult but the authority always paid attention to reforming focused, substantive investment promotion and achieved encouraging results.