Hau Giang Motivates OCOP Product Development

10:04:37 AM | 9/12/2021 | HAU GIANG

By launching the OCOP Program, Hau Giang farmers have reaped high-profit margins thanks to reduced production costs, safe and quality products, and an increasingly expanding market.

Thanh Khoi Co., Ltd: Prestige and Quality Make Success

9:44:03 AM | 14/10/2020 | HAU GIANG

By being persistent with its business goals of “Customer interests; social interests and environmental friendliness” since its establishment, Thanh Khoi Co., Ltd has gradually become one of leading feed ingredients suppliers in the Mekong Delta.

Hau Giang Supporting Businesses to Overcome Difficulties

9:41:49 AM | 14/10/2020 | HAU GIANG

Hau Giang province is accelerating administrative reform and improving business investment environment. Amid the Covid-19 epidemic outbreak, the Provincial People’s Committee is working with branches and localities to launch many solutions to solve difficulties for businesses and investors. Vietnam Business Forum has an interview with Mr. Le Tien Chau, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, on these efforts. Ngo Khuyen reports.

Major Contribution to Local Development

9:40:28 AM | 14/10/2020 | HAU GIANG

By carrying out many consistent solutions to deal with difficulties, supporting businesses to promote industrial and commercial investment; improve production and business capacity; and search for and expand the market, the Department of Industry and Trade of Hau Giang province has effectively helped improve the business investment environment and socioeconomic development. Vietnam Business Forum has an interview with Mr. Huynh Thanh Phong, Director of Hau Giang Department of Industry and Trade.

Ensuring Effective Site Clearance

9:39:14 AM | 14/10/2020 | HAU GIANG

Hau Giang Land Fund Development Center was established under Decision 1412/QD-UBND, dated October 5, 2015, of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and brought into official operations from January 1, 2016. The center is primarily tasked to carry out land compensation and site clearance; provide assistance and resettlement; manage and operate public land funds; and organize land auctions.

Right Economic Reform Makes Breakthroughs

9:36:37 AM | 14/10/2020 | HAU GIANG

To unlock local potential and advantages, Chau Thanh A district has adopted many consistent solutions to attract investment and actively supported enterprises and investors to improve business performance and contribute to sustainable economic growth in the past years.

Prosperity from New Rural Development Program

9:34:39 AM | 14/10/2020 | HAU GIANG

Fostering the strength of great solidarity, Vi Thuy district has focused on building a clean, strong and comprehensive political system; mobilized all investment resources for socioeconomic infrastructure development, especially in agriculture, farmers and rural development; and strived to become a well-developed district by 2025.

Driving Force of Provincial Development

9:33:04 AM | 14/10/2020 | HAU GIANG

Chau Thanh is located in the northeast of Hau Giang province, adjacent to Can Tho City. With an advantageous traffic network consisting of National Highway 1A, Nam Song Hau Road and the Hau River, especially Hau Giang Port, Chau Thanh district has focused on attracting investment capital for industrial and service development.

Hau Giang Agricultural Product Processing JSC Globalizing Hau Giang Rice

9:35:36 AM | 13/10/2020 | HAU GIANG

With a large-scale investment, modern processing lines and well-supplied input areas, the Chau Thanh A rice milling plant will help fill the gap in downstream rice processing in Hau Giang province, helping increase the value of local rice and meet export requirements.

Nguyen Dan Hau Giang Co., Ltd: Efforts to Bring Organic Food to Consumers

9:34:06 AM | 13/10/2020 | HAU GIANG

In the past four years, Nguyen Dan Hau Giang Co. Ltd has always strived to bring organic food to consumers in Hau Giang and neighboring provinces.