Bac Giang Linking Investment Promotion with Improving Business Environment

9:38:03 AM | 27/12/2022 | BAC GIANG

In addition to promoting and attracting investment by specific partners and addresses, Bac Giang province focuses on localized investment promotion by providing effective support for ongoing projects in the province, removing bottlenecks in the investment and business environment.

Tay Yen Tu Services Joint Stock Company: Working together to Boost Tourism Development Links

8:56:13 PM | 21/12/2022 | BAC GIANG

Resolution 112-NQ/TU dated June 15, 2021 of the Executive Board of the Bac Giang Provincial Party Committee on tourism development in 2021 - 2025 defines that tourism will be developed into an increasingly important economic sector and occupy an increasing share in local economic structure by 2030.

Bac Giang Industrial Parks: Expanding Land Fund, Attracting Effective Investment

3:23:45 PM | 20/12/2022 | BAC GIANG

To meet investment attraction and industrial development needs, on February 23, 2021, the Prime Minister issued Official Dispatch 216/TTg-CN to ratify the revised industrial park development plan for Bac Giang province.

Consistent, Effective Administrative Reform to Improve Competitiveness

9:48:54 AM | 20/12/2022 | BAC GIANG

By actively advising and adopting many solutions on stronger administrative reform, the Bac Giang Department of Home Affairs has helped improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all levels of administration.

Bac Giang Tourism: Spreading Attractive Destination Brand

3:48:37 PM | 19/12/2022 | BAC GIANG

Being aware of the low starting point of the tourism industry, the government and people of Bac Giang province have endeavored to develop tourism and have achieved remarkable progress.

Beauty of Bac Giang through the Lens of Tourism

9:17:25 AM | 29/12/2021 | BAC GIANG

Located about 50km from the center of Hanoi, Bac Giang has a midland terrain with peaceful countryside, having sloping "bowl-shaped" hills with beautiful plants, historical sites, and ancient craft villages with many folklore beauties.

Bac Giang: Active, Flexible Administration to Make Breakthroughs

10:03:44 AM | 28/12/2021 | BAC GIANG

In that context, the Party, government and people of the province always closely followed the leadership of the Central Party and applied instructions and policies flexibly, creatively in line with actual conditions, thus creating important momentum to successfully execute the Resolution of the 19th Provincial Party Congress that aims to quickly, comprehensively and firmly develop Bac Giang.

Resolved to Remain among Top Growth Performers of the Country

10:00:55 AM | 28/12/2021 | BAC GIANG

In 2021 - 2025, Bac Giang province is resolved to take industry as a main driving force to accelerate growth, economic restructuring and spillover effects to industrial development, and take agriculture as a pillar and foundation for assured and focused development of infrastructure. This is a stepping-stone for the province to maintain a high growth rate.

Industrial Parks Creating Breakthroughs for Economic Development

9:56:56 AM | 28/12/2021 | BAC GIANG

Nearly 25 years after re-establishing the province (1/1997), Bac Giang has achieved positive results in terms of investment attraction; becoming an attractive destination for many domestic and foreign investors. The proportion of industry in the economic structure of the province has increased from 7% in 2000 to about 51.5% in 2021. The planning and development of industrial parks (IPs) in the province has greatly contributed to these results.

Hoa Phu Industrial Park Creating Green, Sustainable Industrial Climate

9:52:51 AM | 28/12/2021 | BAC GIANG

The fast-growing province of Bac Giang is accelerating its economic growth to secure a strong position among the best performers in the country and attracting an impressive investment fund from investors, with a doubled FDI value in 2021 which ranked 7th in the country. Hoa Phu Industrial Park has a leading contribution to this growth as it has become an attractive destination in Bac Giang.