Yen Lu Industrial Park: New Destination for Investors

4:07:22 PM | 15/4/2024 | BAC GIANG

Bac Giang is a destination chosen by many domestic and foreign investors thanks to its locational advantages and its most opening and favorable investment policies.

Industry and Trade Sector Extending Growth Momentum

9:16:10 AM | 5/9/2023 | BAC GIANG

Despite facing many challenges, Bac Giang province’s industrial production value has grown over time. This is an important foundation for Bac Giang to fulfill its economic growth targets in 2023.

Bac Giang Industrial Zones: Attracting High-quality Investment Projects

9:10:54 AM | 5/9/2023 | BAC GIANG

By effectively carrying out consistent solutions for a better business and investment climate, Bac Giang province has attracted more investment capital into industrial zones.

Bac Giang: Continued Reforms, Elevated Status

7:43:34 AM | 4/9/2023 | BAC GIANG

Despite impressive economic growth, investment attraction, and administration, Bac Giang province is determined to continue reforms and make new breakthroughs to enhance its status and image.

Training High-Quality Human Resources

7:37:45 AM | 4/9/2023 | BAC GIANG

The education and training sector of Bac Giang province has made fundamental changes in many aspects associated with socioeconomic development.

Supporting Firms to Enter Market Early and Do Business Smoothly

7:34:14 AM | 4/9/2023 | BAC GIANG

Bac Giang province is committed to improving the business environment and attracting investors by providing favorable conditions for enterprises and investors. The province is accelerating administrative procedure reforms in business licensing to facilitate investment.

Improving Personnel Quality, Connecting Labor Supply and Demand

11:13:55 AM | 3/9/2023 | BAC GIANG

Bac Giang province has made significant progress in improving the quality of human resources as stated in the resolution of the 13th Provincial Party Congress.

VIFOCO: Sustained Development, Dignified Vietnamese Brand

9:17:09 AM | 2/9/2023 | BAC GIANG

VIFOCO Import-Export Joint Stock Company is one of the leading producers, processors and exporters of agricultural products. The company has a strong reputation with domestic customers and has established itself in foreign markets.

Garco Haphong: A well-Established Brand

8:40:34 AM | 2/9/2023 | BAC GIANG

For many years, the firm has always strived to create a good cooperative relationship with its partners for mutual interests and constantly developed its business to introduce modern fashion trends into diversified garment products to meet international standards.

Tourism Made Important Economic Sector

4:20:23 PM | 31/8/2023 | BAC GIANG

Bac Giang has diverse, rich and unique tourism resources and outstanding advantages for tourism development. To tap into its full potential, the tourism industry has focused on developing a variety of tourism products, attracting investment capital and actively developing Bac Giang tourism into an important economic sector.