4-star stay at Glenda Tower Moc Chau Hotel

3:09:19 PM | 7/12/2022

Located in the heart of Moc Chau town (Son La province), Glenda Tower Moc Chau is a top 4-star hotel in the foggy land.

With luxurious and elegant neoclassical design, Glenda Tower Moc Chau Hotel brings an architectural work with European breath in the middle of the "heart" of the plateau of thousands of flowers.

This is a hotel with 5-star service quality, managed by VOH Tourism, Hotel and Real Estate Management Company (Viet Orient Hospitality Co.Ltd).

The lobby area is spaciously decorated (Photo: VOH)

The hotel consists of 80 rooms with 4-star standard facilities. The rooms of Glenda Tower Hotel Moc Chau are meticulously designed in every detail. Visitors can enjoy waking up early in the morning on a soft bed, capturing the vision of a magical Moc Chau in the morning dew, embracing the clear and peaceful atmosphere of the mountainous region.

Glenda Tower Moc Chau's rooms are meticulously cared for in every detail (Photo: VOH).

Glenda Tower Hotel Moc Chau owns a unique and splendid Executive Suite room, plated with 24K gold. All wooden furniture is meticulously crafted from hundred-year-old oak wood, bringing a luxurious and high-class experience to visitors.

Another highlight of Glenda Tower Hotel Moc Chau is the first four-season saltwater swimming pool in Moc Chau. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the cool water in summer, warm in the middle of winter like enjoying the source of Muong Leo hot spring flowing from the high mountains of Son La province.

The first saltwater four-season swimming pool in Moc Chau (Photo: VOH).

Glenda Tower Moc Chau hotel also leads visitors on a culinary journey that embraces all senses.

Guests can enjoy delicious dishes distilled from the quintessence of Northwest cuisine and the quintessence of Asian-European cuisine at La Cham restaurant on the 1st floor, sipping a scrumptious cocktail to the tune of vibrant music at Muong Leo. Pool Bar on the 2nd floor, or sip a cup of afternoon tea to watch the magnificent sunset in the midst of thousands from Pha Luong Bar, Coffee & Tea on the top floor of the hotel.

The hotel is managed by professionally trained staff (Photo: VOH)

On the occasion of the opening month, Glenda Tower Moc Chau hotel launches a promotion program with attractive prices from 1,299 million VND/room/night, applied from November 15 to December 29. Please contact to book a room here.

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