Promoting Digital Technology Applications

3:19:34 PM | 6/12/2022

Defining digital transformation as an inevitable trend and requirement, Son La province has directed agencies, units and localities to implement digital transformation with many synchronous and effective solutions. Thereby, it not only promotes the completion of the targets, requirements and tasks of the province's general development, but also contributes to the national digital transformation program.

Currently, telecommunications infrastructure in Son La province has been focused on investing in remote and isolated areas. Businesses have implemented 4G mobile networks to all areas. The percentage of the population with a smartphone has reached 53.88%. The province effectively maintains shared IT application systems, such as: 3-level online conference from province to commune, ward and township; provincial level II specialized data transmission network system; official email system; and document management system.

Regarding promoting the application of digital signatures in state agencies, so far, Son La has granted 3,552 individual digital signatures and 758 organizational digital signatures. The rate of documents exchanged between State administrative agencies in the province completely in electronic form has reached 100%.

In particular, the Smart Operations Center of Son La Province sponsored by VNPT Group has connected and synthesized a number of shared information systems of the province to manage and monitor the situation of electronic document exchange, the process of handling administrative procedures of state agencies in the province, statistics and data on socio-economic development indicators. The city has developed a smart Son La city project in the phase 2022-2025 and deploying a number of smart city services integrated with the Smart Operations Center piloted by Viettel.

Besides, the field of digital economy has also been supported by businesses. Up to now, 1,957 businesses are declaring and paying tax online, reaching 95.7%; Supermarkets and commercial centers have cashless POS payment devices. Many businesses place orders or receive orders through e-commerce applications. Currently, 33,702 agricultural households are trained in digital skills and 35,275 households have created accounts on the e-commerce trading floor; 798 products put on the e-commerce trading floors; 23,300 orders traded on the floor; and 59 OCOP Son La products are listed on e-commerce trading floors with revenue of over VND 3.8 billion.

Nguyen Dac Tinh, Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Son La province, said that on August 31, 2021, the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution 17-NQ/TU on digital transformation in 2021-2025 with the orientation to 2030. With the participation of the political system, after 1 year of implementation, by September 2022, Son La province had piloted the establishment of 1,459 digital transformation community groups with 8,966 members, in which there are 204 digital transformation community groups at the commune level; 1,255 digital transformation community groups at the village, and sub-district levels. The digital technology groups have been to every alley to guide each person to use digital products and services.

In the coming time, Son La Department of Information and Communication will focus on consulting and implementing standardization of digital data, storing electronic records, and creating an open database to serve people and businesses. The Department will strengthen propaganda and raise awareness about digital trnasformation in many forms such as: on radio, television, local newspapers, provincial portals, and social networks like Facebook and Zalo.

In the fourth quarter, the province is implementing activities on the Digital Transformation Day of Son La province in 2022; perfecting the monitoring and operating system at Son La Smart Operation Center; implementing the 1022 hotline to receive comments of people. Along with that, the province is building a pilot project of smart traffic model in the city, Moc Chau national tourist area and district towns; deploying a soft ATM digital platform, promoting the development of the digital economy of agriculture, public services, and social policies to 204 communes, wards and towns across the province.

"These will be the basic foundations for Son La province to develop comprehensively, fulfill the goals of the Resolution of the Provincial Party Congress, and build Son La into a green economy model and sustainable development," said Mr. Nguyen Dac Tinh. 

Hoai Nam (Vietnam Business Forum)