Vigolando - Highlight of Son La Tourism Development

2:38:38 PM | 5/12/2022

Tourism development has brought economic benefits to Son La province and provided jobs for local people in the past years. Son La also has a very clear tourism development strategy for the 2020 - 2030 period. Catching that trend, KST Vietnam Joint Stock Company prepared and launched Vigolando community tourism project, aiming to create a prominent highlight on the Son La tourism development map.

Deploying projects together

Advantageously endowed with charming natural landscape, cool and pleasant climate and locally distinctive culture, Chieng Di 2 village, Van Ho commune, Van Ho district is an ideal place for tourism development, which matches Son La tourism development strategy.

Vigolando is planned to become an accommodation and retreat complex for domestic and foreign tourists. The tourist site has generated jobs for many local workers and elevated Son La tourism position in the international market. The project helps diversify tourism products, improve service quality and entertainment types in the province, thus tapping natural resources on the principle of protecting and upgrading environmental landscape and sustainable development.

The Vigolando Community Tourist Site project, invested and developed by KST Vietnam Joint Stock Company, was approved by the Son La Provincial People's Committee in July 2019 and approved to adjust the investment policy and accept the investor in July 2022, was invested and constructed by KST Vietnam at a cost of VND94.178 billion. The project, covering 28,733.1 square meters, includes main items like Reception Hall, 17-room Bungalow A Hotel, 22-apartment Bungalow B Resort, six family apartments, two community houses, two reception houses, one swimming pool and ancillary infrastructure. In particular, this place is freshly associated with the modern space and indigenous cultural beauty. The project was put into commercial operation in the first quarter of 2022.

Helping local social security

To develop tourism in a sustainable way, ensure social security and improve people's life, KST Vietnam has sped up the project implementation. Currently, operational facilities are employing 40 workers who are paid VND5-8 million a month on average, including many ethnic minorities in Son La province. Vigolando Restaurant is currently employing 21 workers, with over 80% from Van Ho and Moc Chau districts, with an average monthly individual salary of VND5 -6 million and paying significant tax to the local budget. In addition, the project helps boost consumption of local agricultural products by providing business services.

Besides, KST Vietnam provides financial, human and material resources for local activities like building the welcome gate into Chieng Di 2 cultural village, upgrading the playground of Chieng Di 2 Stadium and consulting the planning of Chieng Di 2 Market. The company also hosts annual Mid-Autumn Festival and presents scholarships to local students.

Mr. Pham Lo Tuan Tuong, General Director of KST Vietnam, said, Vigolando promises to bring practical economic benefits and change perception, practices and sensitive thinking of local people. While carrying out Vigolando project, KST Vietnam was supported by all levels and branches of government in Son La province and Van Ho district. Specifically, local authorities directed necessary procedures like project planning, investment license, site clearance, land leasing, land ownership certification, construction permit, tax incentives, land rent exemption and reduction, non-agricultural land tax, rescheduled tax payment, and VAT and income tax reduction in the fiscal year 2021 - 2022.

In the coming time, KST Vietnam will continue to invest in completing and putting into commercial operation the entire project of Vigolando Community Tourist Site. The company will invest and promote local agriculture and build projects for people in Son La province and Van Ho district and make Van Ho a safe destination for tourists on their discovery and experience journey to the Northwest and Son La.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum