Unlocking Scientific and Technological Resources

3:28:35 PM | 6/12/2022

By applying consistent scientific and technological research and application solutions in all sectors and fields, the scientific and technological sector of Son La province has helped improve productivity, product quality and local socioeconomic development.

Cat Tuong horticulture model

Mr. Luu Binh Khiem, Director of the Son La Department of Science and Technology, said Resolution 53/NQ-HDND on high-tech application project in Son La province to 2025 is a foundation for industries and localities across the province to focus on integrating and applying science and technology in development plans and programs, from state administration, agriculture and health to education and environment. This not only increases productivity but also improves service quality and people's livelihoods.

In agriculture, scientific and technological research and application helps the province pick up plant varieties and animal species of high value that grow well in the province. Many high-tech and advanced technology application models are widely applied to agricultural production. Many products are well branded and established a strong foothold in both domestic and foreign markets.

Currently, Son La has 24 agricultural products protected for intelligent property, granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP). Shan Tuyet Moc Chau tea is registered for protection in Thailand. Son La mango and Son La longan are registered for protection in China by the Department of Science and Technology.

To support enterprises to promote scientific and technological application, in 2016-2020, the department advised the Provincial People's Committee to launch the “Scientific and technological business development support project to 2020” under Decision 2378/QD-UBND dated October 10, 2016. Three companies and cooperatives were funded with VND1 billion.

In 2022, Son La province implemented 38 tasks regarding science and technology which closely adhered to local approaches to sustainable agriculture and forestry assisted by advanced technology: Using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) integrated with Technology 4.0 to monitor growth and health of some agricultural crops; conducting review research on adaptability of some high-yielding pear varieties in suitable ecological regions; building several pilot Cat Tuong flower planting models coupled with eco-tourism development in Moc Chau and Van Ho. In addition, social and humanistic studies continued to be held to preserve and promote historical and cultural values for traditional education and tourism development.

The resolution of the Provincial Party Congress (2020-2025 term) sets the goal of building a green, fast-growing and sustainable Son La province, a high-tech agricultural development center of the Northwest, said Director Khiem.

To realize this goal, in the coming time, the Department of Science and Technology will further foster entrepreneurship and innovation movements; advise the Provincial People's Committee to consider and launch support programs for innovation and scientific and technological application for local enterprises and cooperatives, helping enhance labor productivity, product quality, market stability and international integration.

Especially, the department will closely coordinate with relevant agencies and localities, support businesses, encourage cooperation with institutes and universities to bring research results into production and business; diversify investment capital sources, encourage enterprises and economic sectors to invest in scientific and technological activities; and build, administer and develop brand certification and traceability for local products.

Furthermore, the department will carry out projects and tasks in little-attended sectors (like mechanical engineering) and high-tech fields (information technology, biotechnology and new material technology), thus making science and technology a true driving force for local socioeconomic development.

Hoai Nam (Vietnam Business Forum)