Ninh Binh Industry Breakthrough Expectations

10:54:21 AM | 14/7/2023

Industrial production of Ninh Binh province has made positive progress in recent years. The province’s current priority to areas with competitive advantages and strategic significance for rapid and sustainable growth (such as automobile manufacturing and assembling, electronics, agricultural and food processing, apparel and leather footwear) is expected to make breakthrough development for the industrial sector.

The production line at Hyundai Thanh Cong Vietnam Factory No. 2 (HTMV2) in Gian Khau Industrial Park, Gia Vien district

Positive transition

The province's industry has shifted to gradually increase the share of processing and manufacturing, reduce the share of mining, and maintain the stable production and distribution of electricity, gas, water supply and wastewater and solid waste treatment. The restructuring has been associated with the growth of industrial production value (20.7% a year) and added industrial value (17.0% a year) and the development of key industries and sectors such as automobile manufacturing and assembling, electronic manufacturing and supporting industries. Some products have asserted their position in the market and entered global chains.

Identifying key industries for economic development and promoting the growth of industrial production value, the province has set forth many guidelines and policies to facilitate investment, land and construction procedures to help companies launch and bring their projects into operation.

The province has attracted some FDI projects with advanced manufacturing technologies, highly competitive products in their value chains, and modern and advanced production and supply technologies for domestic and export markets. Typical FDI projects include the camera module and electronic components production factory of Mcnex Vina Co., Ltd in Phuc Son Industrial Park; the auto screen wiper manufacturing factory of ADM 21 Co., Ltd in Khanh Phu Industrial Park; the DNC AUTOMOTVE project in Phuc Son Industrial Park; the automobile electric cable production factory of Esmo Vina Co., Ltd in Gia Phu Industrial Complex; and the auto parts manufacturing factory of Sejung Joint Stock Company in Cau Yen Industrial Complex.

At the same time, many businesses in the province have actively upgraded and improved their production methods and developed new products, thus enhancing their product competitiveness in the market. Typically, automobile, electronics and float glass industries have been upgraded with modern equipment and advanced technologies to quickly increase the share of high-tech product value in the processing and manufacturing sector and the overall industrial production value.

Thanks to the application of scientific and technical advances, local businesses have achieved sustainable development and growth

Strengthening infrastructure development, site clearance

To develop the modern industry based on sectoral restructuring that requires advanced technology, environmentally friendly technology, increase the product value and pay more tax to the State Budget, in 2023-2025, the Ninh Binh Department of Industry and Trade will focus on advising the Provincial People's Committee to effectively implement Resolution 06-NQ/TU dated October 11, 2021 of the Provincial Party Committee on development and management of industrial zones in the province in 2021-2025 and to 2030. The department will call for investors and build synchronous infrastructure in Phu Long, Tam Diep II, Gian Khau (expanded), Khanh Loi, Khanh Thuong (expanded), Khanh Hai I, Khanh Hai II, Trung Son and other industrial zones.

In addition, the department will speed up site clearance of newly established industrial zones for quicker infrastructure construction to provide land space for investment projects so as to raise the industrial production value and increase incomes for the provincial budget. It will actively coordinate with relevant bodies to boost investment promotion, focused on key industries and fields such as automobile manufacturing and assembling, electronics, auto parts, electronics parts, agricultural and food processing.

Ninh Binh province will build infrastructure and industrial zones to attract industrial and handicraft production projects, helping economic and labor restructuring and creating jobs for local people. This move will also help centralize production activities and facilitate environmental administration and control. Accordingly, over the past time, the technical infrastructure system in local industrial zones has gradually been synchronously invested to provide available land for new investment projects and companies.

According to the current planning, the province will have 25 industrial zones covering 1,069.92 ha by 2025. At present, 18 have been established with a total area of 699.82 ha. 14 operational industrial zones have attracted 361 investment projects (105 projects invested by companies and 256 projects invested by business households) with a total registered capital of VND18,702.77 billion. In 2022, tenants made an estimated revenue of VND11,678.89 billion, paid a gross tax amount of VND255.33 billion and employed 30,875 workers.

In particular, 11 out of 18 industrial complexes, invested and developed by companies, have completed synchronous infrastructure construction and put into operation. They have met the demand by tenants and stayed ready to cooperate with the province to attract more investment projects to create new steps of development for the local industry.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum