Creating “Soft Advantages“ to Entice More Investment Flows

9:56:49 AM | 13/7/2023

Improving the investment and business environment and promptly solving problems faced by companies are among efforts by the Ninh Binh Industrial Zones Authority aimed to create "soft advantages", enhance competitiveness and woo more investors.

To raise the rankings and scores of “Transparency” and “Time Cost” as assigned by the Provincial People's Committee, the Ninh Binh Industrial Zones Authority worked out a plan to maintain component indices and goals achieved in 2022, and increase weak and low component indices. The authority aimed to build the work capacity and service attitude of employees to people and businesses; constantly reformed and improved management quality in order to upgrade the investment and business environment for the development of enterprises.

When performing their tasks, employees of the Ninh Binh Industrial Zones Authority always work as a “true companion for enterprises”, support enterprises to overcome business obstacles, and create a public, transparent, open, dynamic and friendly investment environment.

The authority grants construction permits and manages construction in industrial zones in the province and helps enhance the quality of construction management in local industrial zones.

Carrying out Plan 80/KH-UBND dated June 8, 2021 of the Provincial People's Committee on implementation of Resolution 98-NQ/BCSD dated May 24, 2021 of the Party Personnel Department of the Provincial People's Committee on solutions to improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in 2021 and the following years; Document 102/UBND-VP2 dated July 29, 2022 of the Provincial People's Committee on implementation of solutions to improve the PCI Index in 2022 and the following years, the Ninh Binh Industrial Zones Authority always defines that upgrading the investment and business environment and enhancing competitiveness is one of key tasks. The authority effectively executes its jobs, minimizes time cost and financial cost for investors and businesses when carrying out administrative procedures to raise the PCI Index.

To upgrade the investment environment and sharpen competitiveness, the Ninh Binh Industrial Zones Authority assigns its employees to effectively carry out administrative procedures within their power to reduce time and cost for investors. The authority has listed land locations for investors on the website to ensure easy access and understanding for them. In addition, all administrative procedures are reviewed and implemented at the Provincial Public Administration Service Center.

In 2022, the authority reviewed and proposed reducing the processing time of five investment-related administrative procedures; reviewed and reduced the time and steps to handle administrative procedures, supported people and businesses to carry out their administrative procedures; fully and accurately updated administrative procedures on the website. All 34 administrative procedures are delivered at the Public Administration Service Center.

The authority also focuses on applying information technology to settle administrative procedures and creating a transparent and public investment environment. It coordinates with the Department of Information and Communications to introduce document management software to tenants in industrial parks. To date, 10 companies have registered to receive documents from authorities and send electronic documents to relevant agencies.

Moreover, the authority has strengthened coordination with relevant bodies to advise the Provincial People's Committee to tackle difficulties against tenants in industrial parks in order to create a transparent, open, dynamic, friendly investment environment and woo investors to Ninh Binh province, thus boosting the province's socioeconomic development.

Huong Giang (Vietnam Business Forum)