Entrepreneur Doan Van Lan: Efforts to Globalize Vietnamese Sedge Products

9:53:32 AM | 13/7/2023

Used to confront numerous difficulties and challenges in business, with his passion, entrepreneur Doan Van Lan, Director of Doi Moi Co., Ltd, revived a seemingly extinct "knitting" village and successfully exported traditional fine-art handicraft products of Ninh Binh province.

Doi Moi Co., Ltd is one of the leading exporters of fine-art handicrafts in Ninh Binh province

In the early 1990s, Doi Doi sedge production facility, the predecessor of Doi Moi Co., Ltd, was established to make handicraft products. At that time, the production was difficult because raw materials were abundant and manpower was available but capital and market information were insufficient.

After many years in the market, he knew that a producer and trader had to meet what the market needs to survive. He personally went back and forth across the country and spent a lot of money attending handicraft fairs in China, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United States. The company also regularly invests in market research to understand consumer tastes to make quality products with diversified designs to gain the trust of customers. Thus, its production and business activities have been constantly expanded and its revenue has increased year after year. At present, Doi Moi Co., Ltd is one of leading exporters of fine-art handicrafts in Ninh Binh province.

The company provides jobs for about 10,000 workers in 7-8 months a year (when they are not farming), with an average monthly income of VND3-5 million. This helps create jobs and ensure social security for people in Kim Son coastal area in particular and Ninh Binh province in general.

Doi Moi Co., Ltd has become a prominent address for vocational training and transmission of sedge processing to many regions in the country. The company is also a destination for tourists to visit and experience the sedge production village. Many domestic and international tours and routes to visit Phat Diem Stone Church choose "Doi Moi sedge" to see firsthand how unique sedge products are made.

The company is also a reputable trader of agricultural products (sedge, water hyacinth, banana sheath and jute fiber) for farmers across the country. On average, Doi Moi Co., Ltd buys about 1,000 tons of water hyacinth each year and hundreds of tons of other auxiliary materials.

Doi Moi Co., Ltd. has provided jobs for many disadvantaged workers in rural areas and helped realize the Party and State's policy on building a sustainable countryside.  

Director Doan Van Lan said, in the coming time, Doi Moi Co., Ltd will continue to improve the quality and diversity of its products to sharpen its competitive edge and maintain export markets. In particular, the company will actively upgrade technological equipment, invest in designing and creating premium products, beautiful designs, focus on building product brands, and expand the market.

“Since then, the company will create jobs with stable incomes for rural workers, help reduce labor movement to urban centers and increase the industrial value for the locality while preserving and promoting the value of traditional cultural identity,” he emphasized.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum