Entrepreneur Dinh Thi Hong Thinh: Globalizing Garment Industry, Sustaining Employee Incomes

9:50:00 AM | 13/7/2023

Uneasily seeing that many farmers in her homeland did not work most of the time and can hardly find decent jobs, entrepreneur Dinh Thi Hong Thinh determined and endeavored to bring the garment industry to her homeland.

The company’s products meet the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction

Starting her first workshop in Yen Binh commune (Tam Diep) nearly 20 years ago, Itas Mars Intimates Fashion Co., Ltd now has many factories with over 2,000 employees in Ninh Binh City, Tam Diep, Nho Quan, Yen Mo and Hoa Lu. The company manufactures swimwear, exercise wear, gym clothes, jackets and other products for export, largely destined to the US, South Korea and Europe. The company's products meet strict requirements from customers.

The company always strictly complies with domestic and international labor laws and offers the best environment for employees to work dedicatedly, she said. It always harmonizes interests of all stakeholders, with interests of employees placed above those of the Company.

The company regularly approaches cutting-edge technologies to enhance production performance and product competitiveness. Its factories are powered by advanced technology, automated machinery, and smart software that constantly updates production data in an open transparent manner. The company also installed performance assessment tools to produce fair and equal salary assessments for all employees. Therefore, the company has created trust among employees as well as brand and reputation to customers.

As a result, although production and business activities were affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and global supply chains were disrupted, the company managed to stand firm and work more effectively. Its competitiveness and production capacity were increased while its products were increasingly accepted by the market.


Recently, the Trade Union of the company held the third congress to seek ways to improve employees' incomes and living standards. The Trade Union regularly supervised the enforcement of labor and employment policies, assisted the company to strictly comply with labor laws and respect laws on social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance to ensure employees' rights when their employment contracts were terminated. It also paid attention to welfare and support for employees in difficult circumstances.

In addition, Itas Mars Intimates Fashion Co., Ltd always adheres to employee policies, organizes training courses to improve their skills, and pays attention to gender equality in the workplace. Currently, its fashion production facilities are employing many local workers and contributing to socioeconomic development. Many elderly female farmers are employed by the company.

Entrepreneur Dinh Thi Hong Thinh believed that doing business needs to have interests for all stakeholders, a sustainable core of business. Therefore, she always complies with labor laws and applies international production processes to make its manufactured products meet all quality requirements and specifications in foreign markets and ensure benefits, livelihoods and health for employees. Hence, they have been more attached to the company and voluntarily contributed their efforts and wisdom to the company's development.

Furthermore, Itas Mars Intimates Fashion Co., Ltd also hoped that Itas Mars Intimates Fashion Co., Ltd will receive more support from authorities at all levels to expand its production facilities, which will not only help it boost production and business operations but also create more jobs for local workers, ensure social security and promote socioeconomic development.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum