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VCCI - Cradle of Entrepreneurship

Posted: Monday, October 10, 2016

When business start-up is a hot topic, the role of the entrepreneurs and businesses has been increasingly promoted. At a recent meeting with the Prime Minister, President of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) Vu Tien Loc proposed that the next five years should be defined as the years of business start-up, meaning the country will exert every resource for business development.
As a national agency representative of the business community, employers and business associations in Vietnam, VCCI defined that business start-up programme not only arouses the entrepreneurship of young people, but more importantly builds an overall business start-up support programme, including many creative and effective activities and programmes.
Ms Le Thi Thu Thuy, Deputy Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Support Centre under VCCI, said that VCCI attaches much importance to applying business start-up activities and inspiring entrepreneurship by creating a favourable business environment for businesses (such as PCI and Law on Enterprise, etc.), hosting business start-up contests, organising Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) training programmes, opening business willpower seminars, training capacity building for businesses, etc.
“For years, starting a business in Vietnam is of global significance,” she said, citing Start & Improve Your Business (SIYB) Programme and APEC Business Incubator in 2006.
To catch up with the international entrepreneurship movement, VCCI became the 131st partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Network - GEN (website:, which now has over 160 member countries and has many initiatives, circulars, research projects and events concerning business start-up in the world. GEN includes a series of activities, events and support tools for entrepreneurship carried out by its member states and on a global scale, such as Global Entrepreneurship Week in the third week of November, Global Entrepreneurship Congress held every March, Creative Entrepreneurship Cup and Investors Study Contest.
The SIYB Training Programme, hosted by VCCI and the International Labour Organisation (ILO), supports individuals and businesses to understand core issues in starting and operating a business.
Initiated in Sweden and introduced in Vietnam in 1998, after 18 years, the programme has provided training for over 30,000 trainees in the country. From early 2016 to date, it completed over 20 training courses.
In 2015, VCCI and Kenan Institute Asia collaborated with Microsoft Corporation to deploy the YouthSpark Programme. Microsoft announced it will invest US$3 million into Vietnam in three years in the framework of its Global YouthSpark Programme to provide more opportunities of education, employment and business for young people.
VCCI is also a member of the Executive Board for the project “Supporting national entrepreneurship innovation ecosystem to 2025”, proposed by the Prime Minister according to Decision 844/QD-TTg. VCCI was also invited to contribute opinions to the draft project “Supporting students to start a business” led by the Ministry of Education and Training. The project is expected to be submitted to the Prime Minister in the first quarter of 2017.
In June 2016, VCCI cooperated with the Ministry of Science and Technology to deploy the “VCCI-IPP2 Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Capacity Building Project”, which is a cooperation product of the Institute of Information Technology for Business (VCCI-ITB), the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) and the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund (SMEDF) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment. The purpose of the project is to establish and strengthen network connectivity; form several investor networks in localities and associations from 12,000 VCCI members; and make recommendation reports on entrepreneurship ecosystem capacity building to the Government.
To spread entrepreneurship across the country, VCCI has partnered with many local organisations to open business start-up festivals where specialists from VCCI, Fulbright University (USA) and Vietnamese universities will convey knowledge of entrepreneurship and business starting, growth model-changing economic restructuring scheme, farmer CEO, start-up capital estimation, personnel organisation and management, and business organisational model. On September 22, an entrepreneurship festival successfully took place in Ha Giang province.
The Business Start-up Programme initiated in 2003 by the Business Forum Magazine is one of the effective and well-reputed business start-up activities. The programme has received active support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Defence. Its popular activities include experience sharing in business start-up and entrepreneurship training. In 2015, as many as 982 candidates with 412 projects competed in the business start-up contest. Competing projects were appreciated for high quality and social significance.
In its 12th year, the programme attracted tens of thousands of young people with nearly 2,500 projects and business ideas to join business start-up contests and other activities. The programme has aroused the spirit of entrepreneurship among young people in general and among students in particular. A lot of people have grown mature through the programme and become successful figures in the business circle.
With its effect-rippling activities, VCCI has importantly contributed to promoting and developing entrepreneurship development trends in Vietnam, building up a knowledgeable, skilful and creative entrepreneur force in the spirit of Resolution 09-NQ/TW of the Politburo on roles of Vietnamese entrepreneurs in the period of accelerating industrialisation, modernisation and international integration.
Huong Ly

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