Stronger Coordination for Export Management at Haiphong Port

4:50:18 PM | 9/19/2014

Deputy Finance Minister Do Hoang Anh Tuan is directing the General Department of Vietnam Customs and the Department of Haiphong Customs to strengthen coordination with port operators and managers to guide them perform export and import monitoring operations.
He emphasised that this is one of key solutions to improve the effectiveness export and import management, simplify management procedures for imports and exports at the Port of Haiphong, and avoid overlapping and redundancy in management.
Accordingly, qualified port operators will be authorised by customs authorities to perform some stages in cargo management and monitoring in warehouses and at port gates. Customs authorities will oversee the export and import management and supervision of port operators through surveillance camera systems and other electronic surveillance means. This will help reduce customs procedures and direct contacts between customs officials and businesses and will bring many advantages to exporters.
Reportedly, in a draft decree that guide the enforcement of the amended Law on Customs, effective on January 1, 2015, the General Department of Vietnam Customs - the author of the decree - added regulations on responsibilities of port, warehouse and yard operators in coordination with customs authorities in monitoring and managing goods. These businesses will be responsible for checking goods loaded on transport means, update goods information to the monitoring sections run by customs authorities. When the system crashes, they must immediately notify customs authorities for fixing in order to avoid congestion of imports, exports and vehicles. And, the accountability for information system security is shared by customs authorities. Besides, the law specifies responsibilities of port operators for exports and imports like granting goods deliveries to customs declarers. In case declaration forms are not available on the system or goods are yet to be allowed to enter the port, they shall guide customs declarers to resolve, coordinate with customs authorities to inspect and supervise goods transported to the port. So, to bring this regulation into life, conditions for port operators need to be added. Port operators will supervise incoming and outgoing goods at the port while customs authorities shall use information technology to supervise their activities.
According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the process of implementing customs surveillance showed that export and import monitoring needs close coordination of many ministries, departments and units like customs authorities, the Ministry of Transport, shippers, transport firms, warehouse operators, and yard operators. In Cat Lai Port, Ho Chi Minh City, customs supervision at port gates is performed by Saigon Newport Corporation after customs authorities inspect and certify the eligibility of goods taken out of the port area on the TOPX system. This model proves its superiority to models in Haiphong Port, with shorter time for verification and trouble-free for enterprises.

Hien Phuc