Attraction from Hai Tien Beach

4:12:15 PM | 6/24/2016

With a beautiful beach and convenient transportation links, only 160 kilometres from Hanoi, Hai Tien in Hoang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province has emerged as an ideal tourism destination.

Hai Tien attracts tourists by its harmony of pristine natural landscape, purity and peace. Visitors can not only enjoy fresh air, soak in the blue sea, white sand, and sunshine, and listen to the sound of moving coconut leaves, untouched green casuarinas forest but also receive convenience services and visit interesting destinations on the coast while tasting fresh seafood.

Le Duc Giang, Chairman of the People's Committee of Hoang Hoa District, in recent years, the infrastructure system of Hai Tien beach resort has been upgraded to meet the needs of tourists. Annually, hundreds of thousands of tourists pay visits to the beach. The resort has more than 100 villas and hotels along the beach with more than 2,300 seaside luxury rooms and amenities. At the beginning of the summer 2016, particularly during the Hung King holiday, all the rooms were there occupied. To meet the growing demands of tourists, investors have built additional amenities such as an outdoor pool in the beachfront. At the same time, other amenities such as floating pools and heated pools will be built making the resort a four-season tourist place. Along with the improvement of service quality and expansion of other services, the resort also provides other services like event planning for conferences and seminars and an infrastructure system that connects the resort with the golf course and the eco-resort of Sam Son beach.

Attracted not only by the wonderful natural scenery, fascinating sea specialties, visitors are also impressed by many cultural values, a long local history. From the beach, visitors can experience an exciting journey as boat trips to Ne Island, visit the fishing port of Lach Truong, Linh Truong Mountain, Sam Son eco-resort complex of Sam Son, and Con Truong, where there is a cork forest, mangrove, Nguyet Vien Bridge connecting with Dragon Mountain, Ham Rong Bridge, Tien Son Cave, Kim Quy Lake at Thanh Hoa City , etc.

Therefore, the number of tourists coming to Hai Tien has been increasing over the years. According to the statistics of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Thanh Hoa, after four years in operation, the number of tourists has increased 5 times. In 2011, there were only 50,000 visitors; the number of investors increased to more than 250,000 passengers in 2015. On public holidays, the rooms are fully occupied and on the peak days, there are not enough rooms to serve tourists.

Hai Tien road systems have been repaired along with improvement in sanitation, electricity and water supply to better serve visitors. With the investment and careful preparation, Hai Tien will certainly enjoy a successful season in 2016. 

Giang Tu