Panasonic at 100: Kazuhiro Tsuga Reaffirms Commitment to Consumer through Co-creation with Business Partners and End-users

2:29:31 PM | 11/8/2018

Panasonic celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding with a special week-long event (from October 30th to November 3rd 2018) called Cross-Value Innovation Forum 2018 at Tokyo International Conference Center, Japan. This forum is the finale to the 100th anniversary exhibition tour that has traveled around the world this year, open a new vision of Panasonic in the second century.

Sharing about the vision of Panasonic in the next 100 years, Company President Kazuhiro Tsuga emphasized the strategy of “co-creation” with partners, customers and consumers. Introducing a concept called “Lifestyle update”, Mr. Tsuga underlined a strategy that provides products and services that evolve with the individual end-user's personal preferences and way of life. This product ecosystem is based on the artificial intelligence, big data and real time. The trend in mobility and diversifying lifestyle and personal tastes creates profound opportunities for Panasonic on a global scale.

Robot arms to serve at restaurant

Such a transition will require a fresh look at the Panasonic brand, which over the decades has expanded its range of businesses far and wide from a leading company in consumer electronics industry in Japan. “Despite the broad array of businesses whether in the home appliance, automotive, factory automation, or other business sectors, each one has remained true to the company's original philosophy of “A Better Life, A Better World”, he affirmed.

A highlight in development strategy of Panasonic is HomeX which is going to be commercialized in 2019. HomeX project aims to create new value in daily living through user-experience and user-interface focused design ideally suited to different types of living spaces. "HomeX is always connected with the resident 24/7. It is a total information infrastructure that understands what the inhabitant wants by the season, or depending on weather conditions, and it can even call up the right music based on a person's mood.", said Mr. Tsuga.

Future transportation of Panasonic

Other latest technologies, solutions that Panasonic is providing to business partners over the world were introduced at the General Exhibition during the forum such as robots served in restaurants, high-performance vacuum insulated glass technology for temporary housing construction company, automated payment technology for retailers, etc.

The Cross-Value Innovation Forum also held many activities including sharing from Panasonic's top executives, lectures from experts, key partners along with technology and ideas show that attracted nearly 50,000 participants. This forum was also an opportunity for Panasonic to express the company’s gratitude to its customers and global partners, as well as affirm the company’s effort to contribute to the development of society through last 100 years.