Vinh Phuc Developing Tourism into Key Economic Sector

10:29:23 AM | 3/6/2019

From its potential advantages and achievements, Vinh Phuc province has carried out many solutions to mobilize resources to make tourism a key economic sector.

Attractive, safe, friendly destination

Right after the Politburo issued Resolution 08-NQ/TW dated January 16, 2017 and the Government issued Resolution 103/NQ-CP dated October 6, 2017, the Vinh Phuc Provincial Party Committee issued Action Program 41/Ctr-TU dated December 31, 2017 on tourism development towards a spearhead economic sector.

Mr. Duong Quang Ung, Deputy Director of the Vinh Phuc Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said, the province proposed practical solutions and requested relevant bodies to execute. Accordingly, they materialized these resolutions into action programs and plans, assigned tasks to officials and Party members, widely disseminated on mass media. They also publicized socioeconomic development plans, especially service and tourism development projects. The province aimed to establish an enabling environment for sustainable service and tourism development, engage the entire political system under the leadership of Party committees, the coordination of authorities, the Fatherland Front, political organizations, social organizations and patriotic emulation movements.

The tourism sector of Vinh Phuc province has affirmed its strengths, including ecological, spiritual cultural tourism, promoted its geographical and economic advantages such as its proximity to Hanoi and major urban centers in the northern key economic region; utilized tourism advantages bestowed by nature like Tam Dao National Park, Tam Dao Resort, Tay Thien Scenic Complex, Dai Lai and Dam Vac tourist sites; and preserved and promoted historical, cultural and spiritual tourism sites for tourism and service development.

The Vinh Phuc tourism sector has gradually built its brand name and become an attractive, secure and friendly destination. Tourist arrivals to the province always rise over 15%, thus helping increase incomes for the State Budget, expand exchanges and raise incomes for tourism workers and local people in tourist destinations.

Huge magnet to big investors

Over the past years, Vinh Phuc has been quite successful in attracting strategic and important domestic and foreign investors to create modern, classy and consistent tourism products. The presence of Vinh Phuc-based tourist areas invested by well-reputed corporations like Sun Group, DIC Corp, Lac Hong and FLC has made ecotourism better and more dynamic.

The results of service and tourism development clearly showed the orientation “Developing and improving service quality, making tourism a key economic sector” of the Provincial Party Committee and the people has moved well in line development trends and people’s leisure needs.

In the coming years, Vinh Phuc will focus on well-prepared special tourism investment policies and tourism infrastructure development. The province will speed up high-class resorts and MICE tours; and enhance training of tourism workers, particularly tour guides and local residents in community tourism sites.

The Vinh Phuc tourism industry obtained impressive achievements in 2018. The sector welcomed 5.2 million visitors, 15% higher than a year earlier, earned VND1,670 billion of revenue, up 11% year on year. In 2019, it aims to increase tourist arrivals by over 15% to 500,000 international visitors and 6.2 million domestic tourists, make total revenue of VND2 trillion, and contribute 8-10% to the province’s gross regional domestic product (GRDP).