Real Estate 4.0: Trends Shaped by Technology Application

12:51:45 PM | 4/10/2019



The real estate sector must be flexible in Era 4.0. With just a click or tap on an electronic device, buyers can view, buy or even contact investors or brokers to make direct deals to purchase a property that fits their needs without having to pay many visits to the property.

From homebuying 4.0 ..

Mr. Do Anh Tuan, Chairman of Sunshine Group, said, every revolution brings changes and new approaches. Companies in all industries, not only real estate sector, must adapt themselves to the progressive side of scientific and technological revolutions to best meet high demands of modern life. The application of utilities generated in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to real estate business will generate many huge benefits for customers, e.g. helping them monitor the progress of projects, and update and exchange information with investors. In addition, technological application in real estate business also helps investors to manage, operate and develop their products in a smarter and more transparent way. At the same time, market information transparency is enhanced as everything is available on the internet for users to check and compare. This is necessary amidst uncontrolled and insufficient information in the past time.

Applying Industry 4.0 to property business to have quick, close access to customers allows property deals to be concluded much quicker. Now, all real estate products regardless of who created them are brought to internet with visual and audio effects like vivid 3D Interactive technology. According to experts, this is a new approach for investors who take the lead in applying virtual reality to their projects to help buyers know how their apartments look on the chosen floor, how interiors, windows, balconies and open views look.

Even, according to Mr. Nick Whitten, Deputy Research Director of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), a multinational corporation, in the age of Industry 4.0, customers can check apartments online and settle payment online via mobile apps. All they need is an internet-connected smartphone or computer. They can purchase real estate in Vietnam quickly and smoothly from anyplace in the world.

... to ginormous deals

Not only awesomely creating convenience, fast and smart sales for salespersons, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has also facilitated swift ginormous M&A deals.PropertyGuru, a famous online real estate group of Singapore, recently ignited the first “fire” when it announced to invest US$9 million in Dai Viet Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company, which runs website. And following this trend, many investment cooperation deals in this field between real estate technology companies in Vietnam with financially viable investment funds will continue to be struck. Notably, three investment funds, Genesia Ventures (Japan), Access Venture (South Korea) and Mynavi Corporation (Japan), recently funded - a website that applies real estate search technology. Homedy also said that the successful pooling helped Homedy with more financial resources for huge big data investment.

In addition, Mr. Pham Thanh Hung, Vice President of CENLand, said, unique business models powered by Technology 4.0 attracted many more customers and more funds from domestic and foreign investors that bring great successes to businesses.

By strongly developing technology, CENLand has become a strong real estate service provider in the market. Thus, its shares sold via the initial public offering (IPO) were combed by many investment funds and investors. Finally, Dragon Capital and VinaCapital, two large investment funds in Vietnam, acquired 13% and 12% stakes, respectively. And, more success has knocked on CENLand when it recently worked with many investment funds and organizations such as PVIAM, SSIAM, VCBF, SCIC, FPT Capital, VFM and Cathay Life to call more capital for business expansion.

Anh Phuong