PM Calls for Joint Efforts to Deal with Plastic Waste

2:32:28 PM | 5/22/2019

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc sent a letter appealing the whole country to join hands for a Vietnam with a healthy, safe and sustainable living environment and heal environmental pollution caused by plastic waste.

In the letter, the Prime Minister pointed out that plastic waste is a global concern. Every year, the amount of plastic waste thrown away by humans is enough to cover four times the Earth’s surface, including 13 million tons infiltrated into the oceans. Plastic waste is increasingly exerting adverse impacts on ecosystems, habitats, human health and sustainable development of each country.

In Vietnam, the amount of plastic waste is also increasing. If we do not have effective and timely solutions, destructive impacts of plastic waste will become very serious.

Therefore, he called on all Vietnamese people to join hands in tackling plastic waste. Each officer and unit throughout the political system, the business community and the people need to effectively carry out communications and awareness-raising activities, uphold the sense of responsibility, launch movements, build and scale up good models, propose initiatives and actively participate in specific actions.

Ha Vu