National Quality Award: Catalyst Instrument for Raising Productivity and Quality

10:27:34 AM | 6/7/2019

In the current trend of international integration and competition, product quality is the leading factor among competition criteria. The National Quality Award is designed to honor organizations and businesses with good productivity and quality that are essential for economic development.

Looking back on 20 years

In August 1995, at the first Vietnam Quality Conference in Hanoi, under the initiative of the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh initiated the Productivity - Quality Movement in the first decade of Vietnam quality (1996 - 2005). At this conference, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (present-day Ministry of Science and Technology) announced the establishment of the Vietnam Quality Award - the forerunner of the National Quality Award. In 1996, this award was officially launched.

In 2009, after 13 years of operation, the Vietnam Quality Award was changed to the National Quality Award which inherited the model and criteria of the Quality Awards in advanced countries around the world. The award, in the system of the International Asia-Pacific Quality Award, is awarded annually by the Prime Minister. The Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality advises and carries out the award.

The National Quality Award is a national award granted by the Prime Minister to organizations and enterprises with outstanding production and business achievements. This is the only annual quality award that is legalized in the Law on Goods and Commodity Quality and issued under international rules of the Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA) of the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO). The award is both a goal and a tool for businesses to improve productivity, and product quality and competitiveness.

From 1996 to date, nearly 1,900 companies have been granted the National Quality Award. In 2018, the Prime Minister decided to award the National Quality Gold Award 2018 to 22 businesses and the National Quality Award 2018 to 53 businesses.

22 winners of the National Quality Gold Award 2018 included nine large manufacturers, namely Domesco Medical Import Export Joint Stock Corporation, Viglacera Corporation, An Phat Plastic and Green Environment Joint Stock Company, Tan Hiep Phat Trading - Service Co., Ltd, Dong Phu Rubber Joint Stock Company, Thanh Hoa Beer Joint Stock Company, Traphaco Joint Stock Company, KCP Vietnam Industries Limited and Vedan Vietnam Limited.

Eight small and medium-sized manufacturers won the National Quality Gold Award 2018, including Phu Dat Manufacturing - Trading Co., Ltd, Hung Duy Service Technology Trading Import Export Co., Ltd, Duong Hung Aquatic Breeding Co., Ltd, the Central Center for Manufacturing Electronic Measuring Devices - Branch of Central Power Corporation, Dong Viet Non-Ferrous Metal and Plastic Joint Stock Company, Vinh Hiep Co., Ltd, VNSTEEL Thang Long Coated Sheets Joint Stock Company, and Nam Can Seaproducts Import Export Joint Stock Company.

Five small and medium-sized service providers won the award, including KIZUNA JV Joint Stock Company, Hoan My Tourist Services Co., Ltd, Sao Mai Joint Stock Company, Kim Tin Gold and Silver Group Co, Ltd, and Petrolimex Lao Cai Petroleum Company.

Among 53 winners of the National Quality Award, 20 were large manufacturers, 21 small and medium-sized manufacturers, one large service company, and 11 small and medium-sized service providers.

Meeting new challenges

From 1996 to date, nearly 1,900 enterprises have been honored with the National Quality Award. In 2018, the Prime Minister decided to grant the National Quality Gold Award 2018 to 22 businesses and the National Quality Award 2018 to 53 businesses.

In the current context of intensive international economic integration, adopting sustainable management models has become a decisive factor to maintaining a competitive advantage in each enterprise. The National Quality Award is an invaluable reward, a pride for thousands of businesses. The award upholds perfection in organizational activities of Vietnamese enterprises, that is, total quality management model, which has been responded by enterprises across the country to speed up productivity and quality movements in the process of international economic integration.

The National Quality Award has supported enterprises to improve production, business and service activities by establishing a sustainable mission vision to develop appropriate policies and strategies.

The National Quality Award is based on seven evaluation criteria - a model currently adopted by many countries in the world (more than 70 countries) as a tool to promote productivity and quality for organizations and enterprises in the economy. These countries are all aware of the role of quality in the current global economic war, because the development period based on competitive advantages of human resources and cheap materials has ended.

Since 1996, the National Quality Award has honored enterprises by quality and raised the awareness of top leaders of the application, maintenance and continuous improvement of management systems, helping them complete their operation strategies. The award has also applied the quality award model in association with self-assessment and benchmarking.

Mr. Do Thanh Nam, General Director of Win-Win Corporate Strategy Consulting Company

After many editions, the National Quality Award has shown its role and effectiveness in honoring businesses that have developed a quality culture in operations, successfully applying advanced management systems and innovative tools that result in outstanding business efficiency and significantly contributing to national socio-economic development.

Therefore, the award has been highly appreciated by the business community and the society for its significance featured by a series of strict criteria and encouragement for businesses to enhance their competitiveness, productivity and quality in the era of global integration.

To make the award contribute more to quality and productivity movement, I think it is necessary to renovate business approach, making the award a set of international governance standards for comprehensive improvement of operations and competitiveness. This is an added value that the award generates and a way to attract more businesses to join the award and apply tools for higher productivity and quality of goods.

Mr. Nguyen Huy Van, Deputy General Director of Traphaco JSC

The National Quality Award has seven evaluation criteria: 1- Role of business leaders; 2- Operational strategy; 3- Customer and market-oriented policies; 4- Knowledge measurement, analysis and management; 5- Human resource management and development; 6- Process management; and 7- Operating results.

The criteria are aimed at companies’ good resources management such as human resources, material resources, financial resources and information resources. Information has become an increasingly important resource and humans are the center of development. Not only do the criteria approach businesses and maximize resources, but also direct businesses to better manage risks and opportunities, helping them grow and develop sustainably. It is very difficult for any enterprise to do all seven criteria well right away, but they need continuous improvement.

Traphaco has joined this award for many years and has strived to further improve the quality management system. The company has also applied more management systems on digital platforms and gradually become a 4.0 pharmaceutical company with DMS, ERP and modern production technology.

We believe that quality is not a final product but a continuous improvement process. Thus, every staff member of the company carries out the quality goal consistently and persistently.
Ms. Tang Thi Thu Ly, Saigon Transportation Mechanical Corporation (SAMCO)

SAMCO was honored with four National Quality Awards in 2005, 2011, 2017 and 2018. The corporation has paid due attention to the National Quality Award because it is based on seven evaluation criteria which are very close to criteria of the International Asia-Pacific Quality Award. Therefore, the achievement of the National Quality Award is a guarantee that the product and service quality of SAMCO is of regional and international standards.

In the past years, SAMCO has prepared and directed technological improvements, invested in factory equipment, and raised the quality of human resources - management system in line with seven award criteria.

The Organizing Board worked directly with SAMCO and paid field trips to factories for verification. Joining the National Quality Award, SAMCO has learned a lot in medium and long-term planning activities and long-term business development strategies.

Joining the National Quality Award has also helped SAMCO further enhance its investments for improving governance system quality and personnel quality and upgrading machinery, equipment and infrastructure to meet product quality requirements and cater for various demands of consumers, thus raising the corporation’s position.

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