Ba Huan JSC Realizing Dream of Organic Eggs for Vietnamese People

10:57:57 AM | 6/25/2019

With the greatest desire of providing Vietnamese consumers with organic foods, in the past years, Ba Huan Joint Stock Company has invested a lot in the self-contained food production chain: raising chickens for eggs; high-tech poultry farming; feed production factories; egg processing factories and food processing factories. These are important steps for the company to realize the dream of providing organic eggs for Vietnamese people, supporting farmers and affirming Vietnamese brands in domestic and foreign markets.

Since its establishment over 50 years ago, the company has experienced a lot of hard times. When the H5N1 bird flu crisis occurred in 2003, many chicken and duck farms went bankrupt. Many food producers lost their input supplies and Ba Huan Company also lost everything.

Resolved not to lose the family business and to leave employees in the hard time, General Director Pham Thi Huan went abroad to learn about egg treatment technologies in advanced countries. Impressed by the modern egg treatment technology of the MOBA Group of the Netherlands, she boldly spent all her assets and borrowed more to invest in an automated equipment system capable of treating clean eggs to 99.9% according to international standards. The system is capable of treating 65,000 eggs an hour. This venture has helped Ba Huan Company “swim upstream” and make a hallmark milestone in the agricultural industry and, for the first time, Vietnamese people can use clean egg products.

Furthermore, in 2006, the company built the first wholly automated egg processing plant on two ha in Binh Chanh district, which is able to process 185,000 eggs an hour. In 2012, to build an egg and fowl supply chain to actively control quality, the company invested a huge sum of money to construct an 18-ha hi-tech farming area, using European technology. The area consists of 22 chicken farms: 17 egg-laying chicken farms, three backup children farms and two breeding chicken farms. The company also spent money to build a feed processing factory in this area to form a closed process.

Notably, in 2017, Ba Huan officially operated a hi-tech poultry egg processing plant in Phuc Tho district (Hanoi) to establish a stable supply source and a closed chain that ensures food hygiene and safety. It is the first factory of Ba Huan Joint Stock Company in the north. The plant covers two ha and costs over VND100 billion of investment capital. The facility can treat 65,000 eggs an hour. The plant is powered by automated egg processing technology at all stages (Washing eggs two times - drying - radiating UV rays for bacterial sterilization - looking for damaged, cracked eggs - coating a protective oil layer against bacterial penetration - printing the brand - weighing - packing). The temperature is always kept at 24-25 degrees Celsius to ensure quality. With this process, treated and sterilized eggs meet international food hygiene and safety standards. In addition, the facility has cool warehouses and cold storage to help transfer treated products from Ho Chi Minh City to the north.

Ba Huan is a popular brand to consumers nationwide, especially in the southern region. Not only securing a large market share, the company always joins market stabilization programs or poultry egg traceability programs.

Currently, Ba Huan Company has completed the food hygiene and safety chain from farm to fork. The company’s products are recognized by the Government as the National Value, surpassing strict Japanese standards on breeding and egg preservation conditions to become partners of Japan’s ISE Group which imports instant fresh chicken eggs (untreated edible eggs) for major Japanese restaurant chains. In addition to traditional egg products, Ba Huan has some other outstanding products such as Omega 3 chicken eggs, vitamin E chicken eggs, chicken and sausage, which are very popular on the market.

Along with its efforts to bring organic foods to consumers, Ba Huan always thinks that helping farmers is the final destination of the company as it seeks to work together with farmers towards organic agriculture. Thus, the company is committed to buying poultry eggs from farmers at fixed prices irrespective of market price fluctuations. Not only supporting the output, the company also helps them with techniques, breeds and tending methods to achieve the highest efficiency.

Kien Thuy