390 Businesses Get Connected to VASSCM System

11:40:02 AM | 12/7/2019

As many as 390 businesses have connected to the Vietnam Automated System for Seaport Customs Management (VASSCM) at 33 out of 35 local customs departments, according to the Department of Information Technology and Customs Statistics.

Among them, 240 companies are operating warehouses, yards and ports; 147 companies are running bonded warehouses; and three companies are managing warehouses.

Locally, 33 out of 35 customs departments have got connected and they account for most businesses getting linked to the VASSCM System.

Two unconnected customs departments are Kien Giang Customs Department and Ca Mau Customs Department because they have no relevant enterprises.

Currently, the Department of Information Technology and Customs Statistics is expanding the VASSCM System nationwide, focusing on bonded warehouses and inland clearance depots.