Social Insurance Sector Determined to Speed up Administrative Reform

10:19:11 AM | 8/1/2019

In order to step up public administration reform and improve work performance, the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) just issued Decision 777/QD-BHXH announcing the replacement and abolition of 19 administrative procedures concerning social insurance regime and social insurance payment and unemployment insurance regime under its jurisdiction.

Among 19 procedures, 18 were replaced. Specifically, 15 replaced procedures concerning social insurance settlement regime, including: Settling sickness benefits; settling maternity benefits; settling health and rehabilitation entitlements; solving one-time social insurance benefits; solving entitlements of labor accidents and occupational diseases; settling monthly pensions and allowances for commune officials; settling lump-sum allowances for pensioners residing abroad and foreign citizens who are entitled to monthly pensions and allowances and do not reside in Vietnam; settling death benefit regime; settling monthly pensions and social insurance allowances for released prisoners, persons who illegally left the country and repatriated for lawful settlement, and persons who have court decisions annulled missing status; solving monthly pensions and social insurance allowances for people relocating to another province for residence; addressing adjustments, cancelling decisions and terminating social insurance enjoyment; settling monthly allowances under Decision 613/QD-TTg; settling allowances for retired teachers who have not yet enjoyed the seniority allowance regime under Decision 52/2013/QD-TTg.

As for social insurance and unemployment insurance payment, the Vietnam Social Security also replaced three administrative procedures, including: Beneficiaries getting social insurance payment in cash switch to payment in personal bank account and vice versa; change personal bank accounts, or change the place of receipt; authorizing receipt of pensions, social insurance and unemployment benefits; payment of unsettled pensions and social insurance benefits for the deceased.

In addition, the Vietnam Social Security abolished one administrative procedure in the field of social insurance and unemployment insurance payment in the following cases: Benefit expiration, remaining payment, six-month absence of beneficiaries.