Dat Nguon Property Building Value Chain, Optimizing Competitiveness

11:38:55 AM | 8/8/2019

Beginning from a low starting point, with right policies, Dat Nguon Property has quickly gained and secured a reputation in the real estate market in Binh Duong province and is spreading to many other provinces.

Starting with a right way to go

Dat Nguon Property Service - Construction Joint Stock Company was established in 2011 in Binh Duong province by enthusiastic, experienced industry insiders.

Established at the eye of financial crisis storm, economic recession and freezing property market, Dat Nguon Property was posed numerous challenges. But, hardships also played as a driving force for the company to build a solid foundation for survival and growth.

Communications Director Tang Thi Ngoc Khuyen said, since its inception, Dat Nguon Property paid attention to finding a right direction for itself; determined how to bring to the market a reliable, safe and highly profitable investment channel, and help customers feel secure with their choices.

Determined to build a professional real estate consulting environment, Dat Nguon Company has attributed great importance to human resources. After eight years of construction and development, the company has constantly sought and fostered potential factors. Thus, from just 10 employees, the company's workforce has increased to nearly 300 employees. Besides, Dat Nguon has formed a distribution network of more than 10 member units with about 2000 employees.

“Seeing customers as the center, Dat Nguon Company always puts customers’ benefits above everything else, guarantees to provide customers with real products and real values, and serve what customers interest. The firm has been a distribution partner for many large projects in Binh Duong province. Many customers have sided with the company for eight years, making Dat Nguon from a small business entity to a big name in the property market,” she said.

Investment expansion

Following its success in the distribution sector, in recent years, in an effort to build a ‘value chain’ and enhance product competitiveness, Dat Nguon Company has expanded its investment into a number of areas such as construction materials trading, construction and investment.

The new typical direction of Dat Nguon Property is Rach Bap Commercial Area Project inaugurated in 2018. The company serves as an investor, a constructor, and a supplier of materials and a sole distributor of the project. In order to ensure objectivity and project quality, customers are free to monitor and check construction quality and construction progress.

Rach Bap Commercial Area, located in Rach Bap Residential Area in the 325-ha Rach Bap - An Dien Industrial and Residential Area in An Dien commune, Ben Cat town, Binh Duong province, is a project of social significance.

Rach Bap Commercial Area is a shophouse chain, a bustling marketplace that not only meets shopping demands and serves economic development but also brings fine traditional culture and humanistic values. The market meets quality, aesthetics and function standards and matches demands of small businesses and residents.

In spite of not being a big project, with the spirit of responsibility and humanity of the investor, Rach Bap Commercial Area gives a new face to An Dien commune and Ben Cat town with quality products and services and and opens business opportunities that interest and attract people.

In 2018-2019, Dat Nguon Property also invested in building nearly 1,000 high-end commercial serviced housing products for workers in the Bau Bang Urban Area. Products are affordable high-class accommodations for professionals and workers in a living environment filled with complete internal utilities such as green parks, schools, hospitals, commercial centers and luxury apartment blocks.

Speaking of the company’s development orientation, Khuyen added “At present, Dat Nguon Company is studying to invest in developing many other potential areas, including joint venture, association and cooperation with financial institutions, securities companies, banks, information technology companies, and human resource management companies to optimize competitiveness in the market.”

Hoang Duy