Tinh Bien Upholds Heroic Tradition

10:47:21 AM | 8/29/2019

An increasing number of vehicles flocking along Provincial Road 948 to places of interests from all over the country to the border district of Tinh Bien such as Tra Su Melaleuca Forest and Cam Mount sites. In addition, the presence of a 120-ha solar power plant in An Hao commune (with a capacity of 104 MW of electricity in the first phase) portrays good changes in local socioeconomic development.

Local people are excitedly saying that, for a long time, they simply thought that the solar power plant would supply electricity to only EVN, helping ease electricity shortage suffered by hundreds of thousands of border households. But now, they are even more surprised when the solar farm suddenly becomes a tourist attraction, an ideal stopover, check-in location for Vietnamese and Cambodian tourists coming here by road and waterway.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Huan, Chairman of Tinh Bien District People’s Committee, optimistically said, “Every year, Tinh Bien welcomes millions of visitors who go sightseeing and relaxing. Presently, with the solar farm at the foot of Mount Cam, the landscape is more distinctive in the semi-mountainous area. The district is urgently expanding and upgrading Provincial Road 948, an arterial road for tourists to visit places of interest more conveniently.”

Unique experiential tourism model

With a charming landscape and sacred myths in Bay Nui Mountain, Tinh Bien district is endowed with great tourism potential. On the other hand, the sun shines more than 2,400 hours a year - very suitable for solar power production. Some businesses have explored this potential. An Hao Solar Power Plant, the largest of its kind in An Giang province, started commercial operations in June. According to its investor, this project was speedily completed in just over four months of construction thanks to the great consensus of provincial and local authorities and people.

Reportedly, in the second phase, the project will need nearly 160 hectares of land. Therefore, the investor expected Tinh Bien authorities to work faster to complete it in the shortest time. Then, the 275-ha ‘solar power city’ which has a total generating capacity of 210 MW will be a ‘civilized’ city where the That Son region only uses renewable energy in daily life and production. This is also a unique combination between solar power and organic agriculture to form a novel experiential tourism model for tourists and positively contribute to local economic development.

In 2018, Tinh Bien welcomed over 3.2 million visitors, including 16,350 foreign visitors, and earned revenue of more than VND329 billion from tourism, nearly 6.4% higher than a year earlier. In 2019, tourist arrivals are expected to double due to the presence of attractive works.

Visiting Tinh Bien, you cannot skip visiting Tra Su - the most beautiful melaleuca forest in Vietnam. This title is being established for the extremely unique submerged forest in southern Vietnam. Of its 860 ha of area, 160 ha has been professionally invested by a powerful business group. The investor has built passenger ferries, folk food restaurants, dove castles and many other large-scale items that have changed a new image of “Green Paradise”. In the early months of this year, Tra Su welcomed nearly 150,000 visitors who passionately explored and experienced a peaceful green space of special flora and fauna in the conservation area.

“We hope that visitors will stay longer and have more places to play and relax rather than simply visit pagodas or taste some local specialties,” said Mr. Nguyen Thanh Huan.

The development orientation of Tinh Bien has been firmly supported by the growing investment environment of An Giang province. For many years, An Giang has significantly improved its competitiveness index and always stood among localities with the best economic management quality in the country. Particularly, Tinh Bien district is making spectacular breakthroughs in a bid to draw more big investors who will not only help change the look of local infrastructure and services but also directly impact the local real estate market. A potential market will entice real estate and trade center investors.

“Tinh Bien has favorable conditions for developing ecological tourism, spiritual tourism and experiential tourism in cottage industry villages. The solar farm and Tra Su forest will be ‘cores’ to develop key economic areas,” said Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, Chairman of An Giang Provincial People's Committee.

Vien Thong