Lao Cai Customs Strives for VND2 Trillion Revenue

1:55:03 PM | 25/9/2019

Even in the context of export-import activities facing many difficulties, with professional solutions and many policies to attract businesses to conduct clearance procedures in the locality, Lao Cai Customs is trying to complete the target plan of State budget revenue in 2019.

According to statistics of Lao Cai Customs Department, since the beginning of the year, import and export activities of some key commodity groups with high tax rates have decreased against the same period in 2018. However, mineral export turnover has increased by 26% over the same period in 2018, so it can offset the tax revenue of imported goods.

It is forecast that from now till the end of the year, the implementation of budget revenue targets of Lao Cai Customs Department still faces many difficulties, so the unit has urgently assessed the situation and implemented synchronous solutions such as: Directing its departments to create the most favorable conditions for goods import and export activities, putting effort into attracting businesses through the area; facilitating customs clearance of goods quickly, promptly solving problems related to customs procedures, tax policies, tax administration associated with promoting reforms of customs procedures and administrative procedures.

As of August, the budget revenue from export - import activities through Lao Cai border gates reached VND1,495 billion or 72.6% of the central assigned target, equaling 63.1% of the estimate, up 7.9 % over the same period last year. Lao Cai Customs Department is trying to complete the revenue collection target in 2019 and continue to maintain its position in the VND2 trillion revenue club.

According to Mr. Nguyen Quyet Chien, Deputy Director of Lao Cai Customs Department, the local customs authorities have worked to put forth measures to create favorable conditions for businesses. Right from the beginning of the year, Lao Cai Customs Department has built plan 314/KH-HQLC on February 27, 2019, on developing Customs-Business partnerships and related parties in 2019. Lao Cai Customs also strengthens the consulting team for Customs-Enterprises of the Department, advisory groups to provide information to customs declarants, taxpayers at the Department and Sub-Departments are highly qualified and have proper attitude when contacting and answer businesses. The Department also maintains hotlines at all affiliated units, cooperates closely with the Lao Cai Association of Enterprises and directs border gate Customs Sub-Departments to organize the signing of cooperation agreements with enterprises in the localities under its management. At present, Lao Cai border gate customs sub-department has signed cooperation agreements with two enterprises and one customs agent.

The maintenance of regular partnerships contributes to improving compliance with customs laws by businesses and improving the efficiency of State management of customs to promote import and export activities. It helps businesses capture and understand customs information law to declare correctly and in accordance with regulations. It also creates favorable conditions for businesses to clear import and export goods quickly. Currently, there are 189 times of information dissemination on legal policies related to the customs field, in which consultancy and guidance to solve problems for customs declarants and taxpayers directly at the agency is 142 times, telephone support consultancy is 42 times.