Giang Dien Industrial Park Ready for Investment Wave

2:22:04 PM | 10/10/2019

Driven by the rapid urbanization and strong industrial growth of Dong Nai province, Giang Dien Industrial Park was set up to meet investor demands in this dynamic economic region. After more than 10 years of operation, the industrial park has become a magnet to investors, laid a stepping stone for industrial development breakthroughs and the quick urbanization process in the province and played an active role in realizing the goal of making Dong Nai a modern industrial province by 2030.

Giang Dien Industrial Park is very attractive to investors because it is one of three industrial parks in Dong Nai province licensed by the Government to pilot an incentivized section dedicated to supporting industries, and it also has many outstanding and appealing advantages to investors. The first plus is the geographical location. The industrial park is located in the most dynamic quadrilateral development zone (consisting of Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Ba Ria - Vung Tau) in the Southern Key Economic Zone where there are the most industrial zones in Vietnam. The prime location enables it to fully utilize traffic advantages as it takes only about 60-minute drive from downtown Ho Chi Minh City (44 km away). This position endows the industrial park with great advantages in linking with provinces, cities and major economic centers in the Southeast region.

Besides, it takes just 60 minutes to reach Cat Lai Port (43 km), 80 minutes to Cai Mep Port (58 km), 50 minutes to Saigon Hi-tech Park (32 km), 70 minutes to Tan Son Nhat International Airport (48 km), and 40 minutes to blueprint Long Thanh International Airport (22 km). It is also very easy and convenient to transport commodities to and from the park. To support tenants in Giang Dien Industrial Park, Sonadezi Giang Dien Joint Stock Company - the investor and developer - has completed the construction of a 60-meter wide road connecting Giang Dien Industrial Park with Vo Nguyen Giap Street, expected to open for traffic in 2019. In addition, this route is also part of a planned traffic system linked to Long Thanh International Airport. Besides, given a favorable geographical location, topographic and geomorphological conditions, Giang Dien Industrial Park is planned to be a green, modern and environment-friendly industrial, urban and service complex. Apart from an abundant labor force and rich input sources, Giang Dien Industrial Park has a large rentable land fund, very competitive rental rates and management fees. As soon as signing land leasing contracts, tenants can build factories, install machinery and equipment and put factories into operation immediately.

The next competitive advantage of Giang Dien Industrial Park comes from a synchronous and modern infrastructure. Understanding that a complete infrastructure system will help increase the appeal of the investment environment, Sonadezi Giang Dien Joint Stock Company has invested heavily in a modern synchronous technical infrastructure system. The industrial park is divided into different sections for specific tenants (small and medium-sized enterprises, fellow companies, and large-scale corporations) to avoid being shredded like previously invested industrial parks. Furthermore, Sonadezi Giang Dien Joint Stock Company has also built modern electricity supply, water supply and communications systems, wastewater treatment plants, fire protection systems, banks, internal roads and external traffic connections. Particularly, designed to be an industrial - urban - service complex, Giang Dien Industrial Park has planned areas for warehousing, logistics, restaurants, utility stores, coffee shops, banks, customs services, post offices and offices for lease to serve short and long-term needs of investors and partners. The highlight is the 100-ha Giang Dien Serviced Residence adjacent to the industrial park. The residential area is surrounded by various utilities and services (such has schools, kindergartens, hospitals, green parks, entertainment, recreation, fitness and sport services) to make the best living and working environment for experts and workers, aiming to develop Giang Dien Industrial Park in a sustainable and effective manner.

In addition to its efforts to fully tap potential advantages, with the motto “The success and sustainable development of customers is the success of Sonadezi”, Giang Dien Industrial Park gives first priority to building a long-term, close relationship with customers and gradually increasing values for customers. This is also an important plus for Giang Dien Industrial Park to win the trust of investors and become their ideal destination. Remarkable tenants include An Thinh Dong Nai Investment Joint Stock Company, Thinh A Veterinary Trading and Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Global Dynamic Engineering Company, Sanher Vietnam Co., Ltd, GC Food Co., Ltd, and Vietnam Precision Industry Joint Stock Company (VPIC).

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hanh, General Director of Sonadezi Giang Dien Joint Stock Company, said, the signing of the Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) the Investment Protection Agreement (IPA) between Vietnam and the European Union (EU) is expected to increase investment flows from EU countries to Vietnam in general and to Dong Nai province in particular. In order to effectively catch this investment wave, Giang Dien Industrial Park will foster investment promotion activities in target markets to fully lease its rentable area and, at the same time, upgrade infrastructure and deliver support services to better meet tenants’ needs. “With smooth traffic connectivity, synchronous infrastructure and the enthusiastic companionship of Sonadezi Giang Dien Joint Stock Company, Giang Dien Industrial Park will be a potential land for businesses and investors to explore and reap new successes. In this journey, we are committed to working as a reliable partner of businesses and investors, actively supporting and promptly assisting them to deal with emerging difficulties, providing favorable conditions for them to achieve the highest business performance, and contributing more to local socioeconomic development,” she stressed.

Thanh Tung