VCCI Joins Cooperation Program for Worker, Business Protection

9:24:57 AM | 4/11/2019

The Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) have agreed to build a cooperation program for labor relations, working class construction and business development in 2019-2023.

The program aims to promote the activeness, role and responsibility of each party in ensuring the exercise of legitimate rights and interests of workers, employers and trade unions to form harmonious, stable and progressive labor relations, build a strong working class and sustain the business community. The program also targets to create a new development step, build a long-term strategic and comprehensive partnership between VCCI and VGCL.

The cooperation contents include carrying out Resolution 20-NQ/TW dated January 28, 2008 of the Party Central Committee (10th tenure) on “continued construction of Vietnamese working class in the period of accelerating industrialization and modernization”; enforcing Party guidelines and State policies and laws on building harmonious, stable and progressive labor relations at enterprises; supporting businesses towards sustainable development of the business community; improve the performance of bipartite and tripartite institutions; and establishing regular information, consultation and dialogue  channels.

In addition to well performing trade promotion and investment attraction, VCCI will strengthen communications and guide businesses and employers to raise their awareness of regulatory compliance and their corporate social responsibility.

Thu Ha