Secret of Exquisite Taste

11:46:04 AM | 12/3/2019

“More than 50 years in the culinary industry, I first used cooking oil 100% made from freshwater catfish in Vietnam. After a moment of surprise, I was fascinated by the uniqueness of this food spice, which was very surprising and exciting,” international culinary icon Martin Yan said on the special performance stage in Chau Doc nearly 3 years ago.

Chef Martin Yan, commonly dubbed Yan Can Cook, came to the tourist city of An Giang at the opening time of Ba Chua Xu Sam Festival in 2017. At that time, he spent nearly two hours cooking with chef La Minh Tam at Dong Xuyen Hotel and having interesting interactions with thousands of visitors. The skillet of cutlery with those talented hands hypnotized the excitement and admiration and drew visitors into the night of interactive cooking night.

Yan inspired everyone to join the kitchen with the burning passion of the winner of various domestic and international culinary awards. He knew how to sow the love for kitchen into the hearts of so many people to make them love every dish they made for their own or for their family more. That is the bond of family love.

“Every country has distinctive food sources. When I first came to An Giang, what impressed me was the true passion of the people and especially Ranee. As you know, all cooking oil in the world is made from plants. But, only Ranee is made from fish. Of course, everyone knows fish oil is good for health and Ranee has the same utility that much surprised me. I spent a lot of time reading and researching this oil carefully. The more I read, the more interesting I discovered amazing things that Sao Mai Group had tried. You succeeded in refining fish oil into cooking oil. But the bigger success is that you have nurtured the passion, creativity and used what your country has.”

Creative story full of surprises

Vietnam has a developed catfish culture, especially in the lower Mekong region. Pangasius is a big export of Vietnam. According to research from the National Institute of Nutrition, pangasius fat is very rich in Omega 3, Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids, EPA, DHA and Vitamin E. These nutrients are very important and extremely helpful to reduce cholesterol in the blood, good for our heart and helpful to prevent chronic non-communicable diseases.

Knowing that, Sao Mai Group cooperated with scientists at this institute to carry out a unique project in the world called “Make Fish Fat into Drop of Gold.” To realize the project, the group explored technology and ordered exclusive equipment to remove fishy odor and retain all valuable nutrients in fish fat.

After the successful research, Sao Mai Group decided to sign a US$25 million contract with Desmet Ballestra Group (Belgium) to import exclusive technology and equipment package for a fish oil refinery which can process 200 tons a day under the FSSC 22000 international standard quality management system. The cutting-edge technology retains Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids and Vitamin E or the color of the oil, even being fried at a high temperature, and especially preserves the characteristic original aroma of animal oil. Professor Le Danh Tuyen, Director of the National Institute of Nutrition, affirmed that “This again proves Ranee acceptance of human health. This cooking oil will be included in the national micronutrient supplement strategy.”

Breaking out of the ordinary cooking oil, Ranee inspires culinary delights into celebrities and is the “beauty savior” for women. Ranee becomes an indispensable item in every kitchen. The premium cooking oil not only raises the value of pangasius - an indigenous product of the Mekong Delta - but also opens a new direction in community healthcare thanks to essential nutrients from fish fat.

An An