Vinh Phuc Industrial Park Authority Effectively Draws Investors

11:55:04 AM | 1/3/2020

Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy Lan, Secretary of the Vinh Phuc Provincial Party Committee, hosted a meeting with the Vinh Phuc Industrial Park Authority on administrative reform, implementation of the Resolution of the Party Central Committee (12th term) on alignment of exemplary roles of the Party Committee and the Management Board from the beginning of the term until now.

The Vinh Phuc Industrial Park Authority has two core affiliates: Investment Support Service Center and Trade Union of Industrial Parks. During the current term, it has advised the provincial government to direct and utilize location advantages and infrastructure conditions for industrial development, exercised State management over tenants in industrial parks and fulfilled the task of investment attraction in 2015-2020. By 2020, Vinh Phuc province will have 15 industrial parks covering a total area of over 3,000 ha, having a combined registered investment capital of over VND14 trillion (US$610 million) and over US$183 million. The industrial parks have drawn 289 FDI projects with US$3.88 billion of registered capital and 60 DDI projects with over VND14 trillion of registered investment value.

Currently, nearly 87,000 Vietnamese workers and over 1,100 foreign workers are working for tenants in local industrial parks, of which local people account for 80%. The Vinh Phuc Industrial Park Authority always attaches great importance to post-audit and strict management of licensed projects to review, classify and withdraw incapable projects. The leadership regularly directs its subordinate departments and units to execute solutions suitable to their functions and tasks to improve the effect of administrative reform.

The implementation of the Resolution of the Central Party Committee (12th term) on alignment of exemplary roles has made the Party Committee and the Management Board fully, deeply aware of their tasks and roles. The Organizing Committee studied, acquired and thoroughly grasped resolutions on strengthening Party construction; preventing and reversing corrupt political, ethical and lifestyle ideologies, manifestations of self-evolution and self-transformation; associated political and professional tasks of each section and unit in order to build a clean, strong Party, mass organizations and agencies.

In the coming time, the board will further promote and improve the effect of direct investment attraction, give priority to enticing investment projects using hi-tech industries, environmentally friendly technologies, and advanced technologies, new energies into Ba Thien II, Binh Xuyen II, Thang Long Vinh Phuc and Ba Thien - Section I industrial parks. The board will strengthen post-inspection, periodically review and classify its managed projects to track and deal with their emerging hardships; intensify labor management of tenants in industrial parks and developing trade unions; and mobilize resources to invest in building housing facilities for workers in industrial parks.

At the meeting, delegates said that the Vinh Phuc Industrial Park Authority should further strengthen State management, propose the Provincial People’s Committee invest in completing industrial park infrastructure, study difficulties existing in industrial parks to propose solutions to competent authorities; and review and rearrange departments and working regulations towards simplicity and efficiency.

Nguyet Tham (Vietnam Business Forum)