Lunar New Year on Bay

10:39:10 AM | 8/1/2020

Whenever spring comes, everyone waits for a warm, bustling new year with wishes, fireworks, reunions and holiday after a year of hard work. It is also the time when people search for tours, planning a warm vacation with relatives, family and friends. Lunar New Year this year, let's enjoy those happy moments on the luxurious cruises of Oriental Sails, visit the majestic beauty of Ha Long Bay and the mystery of Lan Ha Bay.

Regarded as "floating hotels" on the bay, each cruise of Oriental Sails is fully equipped with modern equipment, each meal is hygienic and nutritious, sightseeing and entertainment activities are meticulously planned, ensuring safety and high entertainment. In addition, visitors will take part in a cooking class in the afternoon after kayaking, sipping a sweet drink on the sundeck, watching the sunset and enjoying your food. After dinner, you can sing karaoke, challenge night squid fishing or simply relax in the cabin, immersing yourself in the tranquility of the bay. Visitors will be greeted a new day with Tai Chi exercise, watching the bright red sky of the dawn, enjoying the fresh atmosphere.

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, all cruises will be decorated in traditional style, red lanterns, apricot blossom, peach blossoms, Trung and Day cakes, make the restaurant more beautiful, attractive and bustling in the atmosphere of Tet. Each cabin will have red cards with sweet wishes. If you book a tour on New Year's Eve you will receive lucky money that symbolize luck and look forward to a new year "Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear".

Especially to celebrate in 2020, Oriental Sails will immediately reduce 25% of all tours during the Lunar New Year. Tour 2 Days 1 Night to visit Bai Tu Long Bay/Ha Long Bay is from only $135/pax on Deluxe Oriental Sails, Luxury Starlight Cruise from only $165/pax. Tour 2 Days 1 Night to visit Lan Ha Bay is from only $155/pax on Luxury Calypso Cruises.

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