BlueScope Zacs, Authorized Dealers Donate 300 Zacs®+ INOK Technology Roofs to the Poor

1:23:30 PM | 13/1/2020

Within the framework of “Affectionate Pieces” (Mảnh ghép yêu thương), BlueScope Zacs in collaboration with authorized dealers across the whole country donated 300 Zacs®+ INOK roofs for the poor in Vietnam from October 2019 to December 2019.

Each donated roof is the shared dedicated effort of BlueScope Zacs, authorized dealers, contractors and local authorities

Each of donated Zacs®+ roofs is made with INOK Technology and is manufactured in a modern production line in compliance with domestic and international standards to deliver outstanding, high quality products. INOK technology forms the microstructure with 4-layer matrix of protective compounds, proactively prevents corrosion, which is more superior than the current aluminum-zinc coatings alloy-coated technology, offering home owners a safe shelter from rainy and stormy season.

“Our company aims to embrace social responsibility in our business since our first days of establishment, and we expect to apply our Australian-standard products and technologies to build steady roofs for the poor. The program is the shared dedicated effort of BlueScope Zacs, authorized dealers, contractors and local authorities with a view to bringing happiness of a new and durable shelter to local residents on the occasion of Lunar New Year 2019. The donated roofs will motivate the underprivileged to escape poverty and lead a better life,” said Mr. Vo Minh Nhut, Country President, NS BlueScope Vietnam.

Amongst the 300 fortunate households to be donated with Zacs®+ roofs, Mr. Pham Van Thu living in An Nhut Commune, Long Dien Ward, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province shared: “We are sincerely thankful for the donated roof. I struggle with cirrhosis and am unable to find a job with stable income whilst my wife is just a normal worker. With our sluggish income, we have trouble in paying for both food and medicines, let alone building a steady house. Having a durable roof that is capable of sheltering us from the rain or cold wind in winter is never in our wildest dreams.”

Representatives from NS BlueScope Vietnam and authorized dealer visited a household that receives new, durable Zacs®+ roof

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai, Director of Hoang Gia Anh Company Limited, BlueScope Zacs’ authorized dealer in Ha Tinh, who participated in “Affectionate Pieces” also further commented: “As a son of Ha Tinh Province, I am deeply moved when visiting and witnessing harsh living conditions of many underprivileged fellow-villagers. I have always desired to eliminate local residents’ difficulties, helping them to reduce poverty by improving house stability. It is my honor to accompany and be a part of the meaningful and humanistic program of “Affectionate Pieces”.

During over two decades of operating in Vietnam, NS BlueScope Vietnam pays a particular focus on implementing the corporate core value of sustainable development to benefit community and customers. The Company’s products and services has left sustainable footprint on several commercial and civil buildings nationwide. The Company has also been implementing a large number of community initiatives in several fields, ranging from education, environmental protection to improving sustainable awareness for bussinesses. “Affectionate Pieces” is one typical project of NS BlueScope Vietnam that shows humanistic and philanthropic bosoms as well as the company’s business philosophy of social contribution. As NS BlueScope Vietnam looks to grow with Vietnam’s economic progress, it will always strive to be part of the local community and bring inspiration and values to its partners and Vietnamese people.