“Do what no one does but society needs“

9:36:17 AM | 14/1/2020

That is the mission that Sao Mai Group has been pursuing. Mr. Le Thanh Thuan, General Director of Sao Mai Group, shared about the group's development strategy with the pioneering, breakthrough and creativity to achieve this goal. Quoc Hung reports.

In recent years, Sao Mai Group has made strong development, thereby raising its brand position in the domestic and international market. What has made such miracle?

For a business, maintaining stability, especially in terms of personnel, is very important. Sao Mai always strives to promote the human spirit in the group, where all members appreciate each other, behave in a respectful manner and have high solidarity.

Experience has shown that wherever internal unity is lost, vitality is ruined; whenever there is good internal solidarity, respect and love, vitality will develop. Similarly, when internal solidarity is strengthened, collective intelligence will be promoted and create excitement to help people work hard with a creative spirit.

With Sao Mai Group, since establishment, we have always maintained solidarity. The more people stick together, the more they are revered and the deeper the affection. These characteristics help us feel that the attachment to the group is indispensable, feel excited to work and devote to the group, helping the group not only overcome difficulties but also develop more.

On the basis of the success achieved, with the vision of becoming a multidisciplinary and multinational corporation, what are your plans for the future?

 After more than 20 years of establishment and development, Sao Mai Group has developed in many fields but still needs to have breakthroughs. We have created new products that consumers need; that is our mission and goal.

For example, we have produced the high-class Ranee fish oil - a product that no one has ever produced or dared to think of. Of course, our first step was hard, but in the end with creativity and effort, Sao Mai has succeeded.

Clean energy is still very new in Vietnam, but Sao Mai became a pioneer in this field when Sao Mai successfully generated the first rooftop solar energy factory. Subsequently, the group traveled to remote, deserted lands to invest in energy centers of high economic value. In the context that the country is in need of a lot of energy and driven by the Government's "green growth" policy, Sao Mai Group will continue pursuing this field.

With the desire to contribute to better health care for the people, Sao Mai Group has also stepped into medical investment. Because as you know, the country’s hospital system is still very weak. Almost all hospitals are overloaded, resulting in patient suffering and reduced quality of health.

In addition, the Mekong Delta is the rice bowl of the country but rice enterprises have not been successful, so farmers have not benefited much from the products for which they have worked hard. Vietnam’s rice is among the best in the world, but why can Thailand do better? Sao Mai Group is working to answer this question.

With the above-mentioned strategies, Sao Mai Group has worked on hot issues in socio-economic development, which are of great concern to localities and the Government. To achieve those goals, which steps must Sao Mai take to prepare?

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, Sao Mai always stays updated in technology, heavily invests in modern equipment technology, and applies advanced management tools to the management and administration.

Besides, the era of artificial intelligence requires thinking to be more sensitive and modern. Therefore, the qualifications and skills of the group's members must also be adequately developed. Lack of money, we can borrow; technology can be bought; but without good human resources, we cannot work well.

So how have you paid attention to human resources development?

In Sao Mai Group, hundreds of employees are always provided conditions to study at home and abroad. The policy of recruiting talents and not sparing money to train helps us always be proactive in human resources. Therefore, when opening a new key area, we always have available human resources for it.

Currently, most of the leaders and key employees of Sao Mai Group are well-trained, solidly specialized and skilled. In particular, the group has many young, creative, enthusiastic, highly -qualified people.

The dynamism of government is the source of inspiration

Over the past 20 years, Sao Mai has invested in many projects in many provinces and cities nationwide, especially in the Mekong Delta as the group has revived many previously inefficient tourism projects, or turning deserted lands into solar fields. What motivated you to step into these challenges?

Sao Mai's market has now developed to the whole country, even to the world, but the cradle of Sao Mai is still the Mekong Delta province of An Giang. Born in An Giang, sticking with the people and government of An Giang for decades, I always thought that I had to do something worthy of contribution to the place.

Behind your enthusiasm for An Giang, being an entrepreneur to be able to carry out many big projects in the locality, there must be other reasons, even "inspirations"?

Firstly, it must be said that An Giang is a very potential locality. Next, the current leaders of An Giang province have very strong aspirations, creativity and enthusiasm for the local development.

For businesses and investors, the leadership of An Giang province is very friendly, open and responsible; always supports us and treats business of Sao Mai as the province’s business.

An Giang's PCI has increased significantly and belongs to a good performers’ group. This clearly reflects the efforts of the Party Committee and An Giang government in leading and managing socio-economic development, administrative reform, creating favorable conditions to support people and businesses.

Operating in a rich potential area and in a business environment where the provincial leaders are as active as An Giang today, not only Sao Mai Group but many other businesses and investors feel very secure and more determined to carry out their projects.

With those bright spots, do you think An Giang will enjoy stronger development in the future?

Not only Sao Mai Group, as far as I know, there are many other investors participating in research and investment in large projects in the province. With the factors of "suitable time - favorable environment - harmony" as today, if An Giang can attract big investors, has strong creativity as expected and investment attraction orientation of the leaders, I think that An Giang will be a strong province in the Mekong Delta in the near future.

What recommendations would you make to the province to improve competitiveness?

An Giang has huge tourism potential as it owns the majestic That Son Mountain range, gentle rivers, many famous historical sites, and famous spiritual sites that no other localities in the Mekong Delta has. But the current barrier of An Giang is that the technical infrastructure is still not good. I think that if the province tries to invest more in technical infrastructure and transportation in areas, An Giang will have a strong tourism economy.

Thank you very much!

Operating in a rich potential area and in a business environment where the provincial leaders are as active as An Giang today, not only Sao Mai Group but many other businesses and investors feel very secure and more determined to carry out their projects.