VSS Launches Voluntary Blood Donation amid Covid-19 Outbreak

10:19:49 AM | 19/3/2020

On March 18, at the headquarters of the Vietnam Social Security (VSS), the VSS Union in collaboration with the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion organized a voluntary blood donation program themed "Safe blood donation - Don't be afraid of Covid.” The program was regularly launched by the VSS Union in order to help hospitals deal with blood shortage in medical examination and treatment and contribute valuable blood drops to save patients’ lives. This also upheld the social responsibility of each VSS employee.

This practical activity also responded to the appeal for VSS employees and unionists to join blood donation to save lives in the campaign against the Covid-19 epidemic launched by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and the Vietnam Public Sector Union.

The program took place when the Covid-19 pandemic was developing rapidly. But, in the spirit of making greatest devotion to patients amid blood shortage, this meaningfully humane activity was actively responded and participated by VSS employees. This was the fourth time the VSS Trade Union organized a voluntary blood donation and was the biggest-ever event by participants.

Despite being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and carried out in rainy and cold weather, the program left a good impression on VSS unionists, from thoughtful, enthusiastic organization to safety for blood donors.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Toan, Vice President of VSS Trade Union, said that blood donation for saving people is a very humane and noble activity. Guided by the sector leadership and the Vietnam Public Sector Union, VSS Union members actively participated in this activity.

He also emphasized that the activity this year was more meaningful when VSS employees were joining hands with the Government and the whole society to prevent and control Covid-19 epidemic, expressing deep faith in the direction of the Government and the Prime Minister in epidemic prevention. In particular, in response to the Prime Minister's call “People with money contribute money, people with materials contribute materials, people with health contribute health, people with ideas contribute ideas”, in order to uphold the spirit of unity and humanity of the nation, VSS unionists donated valuable drops of blood to patients in need. This practical activity of the VSS Union effectively contributed to the fight against Covid-19 and helped the community to overcome this difficult period.

In the end, 174 blood units taken from VSS Trade Union members were transferred to the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion to treat patients in need.

By Huong Thom, Vietnam Business Forum