Lang Son Works to Reopen More Border Gates

9:49:39 AM | 6/2/2020

Lang Son province continues to exchange and hold talks with China to quickly open more secondary border gates in order to boost merchandise import and export, especially fruits from Vietnam.

According to the Lang Son Provincial People’s Committee, only two secondary border gates in Lang Son are open for exporting and importing activity, namely Tan Thanh and Coc Nam.

Currently, Vietnam has basically controlled the Covid-19 pandemic and restored manufacturing and business activities. Thus, the Prime Minister agreed to reopen secondary border gates: Binh Nghi, Na Hinh, Na Nua and Po Ngung. At the same time, the Lang Son Provincial People’s Committee was allowed to base on actual local situations to consider the reopening of secondary border gates and entrances in the province.

Therefore, in order to quickly stabilize and promote clearance capacity at all border gates and provide maximum support for Vietnam's agricultural products and fruits to be exported to China during the harvest season, Lang Son province asked the Management Board of Dong Dang Border Gate Economic Zone, border districts, border and customs forces to further exchange and talk with China to quickly reopen more secondary border gates and dissolve specialized driver forces established during the epidemic contagion time.

The Lang Son Provincial People’s Committee also required relevant forces to proactively flow and regulate vehicles at border gates to facilitate export clearance, particularly agricultural products; strengthen inspection and control, and combat smuggling and trade fraud. They were urged to facilitate the clearance of temporary imports for export, fruits and frozen goods at border gates when Vietnam and China agree on customs clearance.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum