Speeding up Public Investment Disbursement in 2020

9:52:54 AM | 6/10/2020

The Prime Minister recently issued Official Document 623/TTg-KTTH requesting ministers, heads of ministerial-level agencies and government-attached agencies, and chairpersons of Provincial/Municipal People's Committees to speed up public investment disbursement in 2020.

The Prime Minister asked leaders of central agencies to see the accelerated disbursement of public investment fund as a central political task in 2020 to promote economic growth.

He told them to seriously carry out solutions, promptly remove hardships to accelerate project progress and public investment disbursement, spend all public investment fund allocated for 2020 (even the fund transferred from the previous periods), and establish detailed disbursement plans for each project, particularly important ones.

Strict sanctions will be imposed to investors, project owners, organizations and individuals intentionally obstructing and slowing the progress of public investment disbursement. Regular inspection will be exercised to urge and handle projects behind schedule and promptly replace improper public officials. The result of public investment disbursement will be used as a foundation to assess task performance in 2020.

The Government and the Prime Minister shall decide or report to competent authorities to reduce investment and transfer central fund in 2020 at ministries, central agencies and localities with a disbursement ratio of less than 60% of the assigned plan by September 30, 2020 to relocate the fund for important, urgent projects.

By Linh Ha, Vietnam Business Forum