Vietnam Aims to Become Developed Agricultural Country

2:02:14 PM | 6/12/2020

The Prime Minister recently issued Directive 25/CT-TTg on a number of tasks and solutions for developing agricultural, forest and aquatic product processing industry and mechanizing agricultural production.

Accordingly, Vietnam has set the goal of joining the top 15 most developed agricultural countries in the world by 2030, with agricultural processing ranking among the top 10 countries globally.

The Prime Minister asked relevant agencies to step up agricultural restructuring to organize large commercial production and developing processing and consumption markets; accelerate the development of large-field production and mechanize all stages of the agricultural value chain; invest in developing agricultural equipment manufacturing; establish and develop a synchronous logistics system to increase the value and competitiveness of agricultural products; enhance application and transfer of science and technology into processing and preserving agricultural products and agricultural mechanization; train technical human resources and management human resources to develop mechanization and agricultural processing industry.

In addition, it is necessary to review, improve and ensure resources to implement mechanisms and policies on land, credit, taxes, agricultural insurance and administrative procedures to attract more private investment; deepen intensive international economic integration, diversify agricultural export markets and tap domestic agricultural markets.

By Ha Linh, Vietnam Business Forum