VSS Guides Replacement of Misplaced, Damaged Health Insurance Card on National Public Service Portal

9:47:24 AM | 7/1/2020

Over the past years, the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) has built professional software programs for most activities by developing multimedia interaction systems for people and businesses, notifying the process of receipt and settlement of administrative procedures for people and businesses to substantially reduce the service time.

The social insurance industry has upgraded the social insurance electronic transaction system integrated with the National Public Service Portal to replace misplaced and damaged health insurance cards since December 9, 2019. To request the reissuance of a health insurance card without any change to personal information, the insured only need an internet-connected electronic device (computer or smartphone) to access the address https://www.dichvucong.gov.vn to file the application for reissuance. After six months of deployment, 690 applications have been submitted and processed through the National Public Service Portal.

With this public service, people only need internet-enabled computers or smartphones to file the application for replacement of displaced and damaged health insurance cards without having to leave home. VSS has uploaded a motion graphic “Instructions for replacement of lost/damaged health insurance cards on the National Public Service Portal” at the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc7EpxOSYlo to guide account registration and file the application for replacement.

In addition, VSS is cooperating with the Government Office to bring other public services of the insurance sector to the National Public Service Portal to facilitate people and businesses when they join and enjoy benefits and policies of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum