VSS Overcoming Difficulties, Effectively Carrying out Dual Tasks

10:20:40 AM | 9/7/2020

On July 8, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) held an online conference to review activities in the first six months of the year and set out tasks for the last six months of 2020. VSS Deputy General Director Dao Viet Anh chaired the conference.

In the first six months of 2020, VSS achieved many impressive results in various fields as follows:

Premium collection and policyholder development: By June 30, 2020, social insurance policyholders totaled about 15.144 million, including 14.473 million holders of compulsory social insurance policies. Especially, despite social distancing, 96,800 voluntarily bought social insurance in the first half of 2020, bringing the total number of voluntary insurance policies to 670,800. As many as 12.716 million people had unemployment insurance policies and 85.521 million people had health insurance policies, reaching 88.3% of the population. The number of policyholders of compulsory social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance decreased from the end of 2019 due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The increase in the number of voluntary social insurance holders became a bright spot in policyholder development in the first six months.

Premium collections (social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance) fulfilled 45.3% of the full-year plan and rose 6.8% from a year ago). Interest-carrying premiums totaled VND21,231 billion, accounting for 5.3% of premium receivables.

The number of policyholders of compulsory social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance decreased and the value of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance debts increased due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, because many companies scaled down operations and laid off workers, thus discontinuing their insurance. According to the report of local social insurance authorities, by June 30, 2020, 1,519 companies applied and got approval for halting payment to the retirement and survivorship fund due to the impact of Covid-19, which had 130,794 employees and delayed an amount of VND475 billion.

Social and health insurance cards and settlement of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance: According to the report by local social security agencies the Social Security Agency of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Public Security, by June 30, 2020, a total number of social insurance policyholders provided with social insurance cards was about 15.053 million, accounting for 99.4% of the total policyholders. The total number of participants granted health insurance cards was about 85.5 million.

The social security industry was estimated to settle 60,523 applications for monthly pensions and social insurance benefits in this period (up 7.4% from the same period of 2019), 454,209 people receiving one-time allowances (9.2% more than a year ago), 4,589,884 medical claims (down 11.4% year on year). The sector worked with labor, invalids and social affairs agencies to settle 474,622 people entitled to unemployment insurance (up 11.5%), including 468,152 recipients of unemployment benefits and 6,470 recipients of vocational support. The sector settled medical claims for 77.657 million people.

Social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance payment: The total social insurance and unemployment insurance payment was forecast at VND169,509 billion in the six-month period, fulfilling 45.3% of the full-year plan, including VND23,575 billion for social insurance sourced from the State Budget, VND93,367 billion of social insurance sourced from the social insurance fund, VND5,757 billion for unemployment insurance and VND46,810 billion for medical claims.

Social security agencies at all levels have cooperated closely with the Post Office to pay insurance benefits in time and in full to policyholders, and arranged one-time payment of pensions and social insurance allowances in April and May 2020. As of June 2020, the two sectors were working together to pay nearly 3.2 million people monthly pension and social insurance benefits, including 2.5 million people receiving cash and 687,000 people receiving via bank accounts.

Accelerating administrative procedure reform, IT application: The social security continued to reform administrative procedures drastically and consistently advanced in line with regulatory requirements; reviewed and simplified administrative procedures, provided 722 accounts to affiliated units and local social security agencies to receive and handle feedback and proposals from organizations and individuals about administrative procedures on the National Public Service Portal. At the same time, the sector directed social security agencies to receive administrative procedures and return settlement results via electronic medium; maintained the reception of administrative procedures and delivery of settlement results via the single-window division or through public postal services; ensured best interests of policyholders and strictly implemented preventive measures to contain Covid-19 under the direction of the Government and the Prime Minister.

Applying information technology to the organization and implementation of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policies is always defined by the VSS as a key factor to meet administrative reform requirements, reduce time, costs and procedures for policyholders and companies/organizations when dealing with social security authorities. Accordingly, VSS has improved and upgraded its professional software and centralized data integration and analysis system; connected with the civil status management information system via the National Government Service Platform (NGSP) to access birth declarations to grant health insurance for children aged under six.

To date, the VSS has provided five online public services for businesses and people on the National Public Service Portal under the Prime Minister's Decision 411/QD-TTg dated March 24, 2020; integrated and provided an additional three public services on the National Public Service Portal to support businesses and people impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the videoconference, attendants expressed their opinions about difficulties and obstacles in carrying out social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance in the first six months, for example developing compulsory social insurance policyholders when companies and agencies are still hurt by the Covid-19 pandemic; slowed payment and settlement of medical claims in 2019 because of Covid-19 and abuse of social security funds in some localities. Thus, in order to perform well the tasks in 2020, delegates focused on discussing and proposing many solutions to promptly remove existing difficulties and obstacles for local social security authorities.

In the last six months of 2020, the VSS will focus on carrying out tasks and solutions to support businesses and people troubled by the Covid-19 pandemic; work out management plans and scenarios (monthly, quarterly and annual) in order to accelerate policyholder development and reform communications in the new context to target family households.

The social security sector will also accelerate administrative procedure reform, advance IT application and electronic transactions, expand the delivery of online public services of Level 3 and Level 4, bring more services to the National Public Service Portal; review and complete insured household data.

With the close guidance of the Government, the active coordination of relevant central and local agencies, VSS is confident to achieve all tasks and objectives in 2020.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum