Biti’s - Shining National Brand in Consumer Minds

9:09:50 AM | 30/7/2020

On the 38-year development journey (1982-2020), Biti's brand with the business philosophy of “Tender care of your feet” has become the No. 1 footwear brand in Vietnam and a popular national brand to consumers. In the future, Biti's will strive to become a strong manufacturer of consumer goods in Asia. So, how will this leading footwear brand realize its ambition? The following interview with Biti's CEO Vuu Le Quyen will tell us about it. Thanh Tung reports.

Could you please briefly introduce nearly four decades of Biti’s brand development?

From 1982 to 1992, Biti's began with two predecessors, Binh Tien and Van Thanh, with a total of 20 workers, making footwear for export to Eastern European countries and the former Soviet Union in response to the Government’s appeal for “barter” program. Especially, the year 1989 marked a vital milestone when the country entered the renovation period and Biti’s was the first enterprise to be qualified for export.

Entering the doi moi (renovation) period (1992 - 2000), after boldly going to Taiwan to acquire new technologies and investing in machinery to make traditional Vietnamese shoes and slippers of the best quality in the region at that time, the new Biti's brand was officially launched onto the market by Binh Tien Consumer Goods Production Co., Ltd. (Biti's). The “Tender care of Vietnamese feet” campaign, characterized by the image of Lord Lac Long Quan going up to the mountain and Lady Au Co going to the sea, produced great successes. And, this marketing campaign laid the foundation for Biti's to enter the new millennium full of pride and confidence. This was also the most successful marketing campaign at that time and still impressive until now. Especially in 1995, when Vietnam and the United States normalized relations, Disney Group came to Biti’s with the desire to deepen and broaden cooperation and strengthen the relationship between the two countries through economic cooperation.

From 2000 to 2016, Biti’s intensely focused on research and production of new products, especially sports shoes made by the technology of South Korean KUHJE, an owner of the most modern sports shoes technology in South Korea at that time. The company continuously won many prestigious awards in the country during this time, including Vietnam High-quality Goods Award, Business of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Value, Vietnam Top 10 Brands, Thanh Giong Cup and Golden Rose Cup.

Manufacturing experience, trend awareness and effective international cooperation have enabled Biti's to achieve a lot of successes. Biti's has officially become the first and largest partner of Disney in Vietnam from 2016 to date with Disney and Marvel-branded products. This means that the company becomes the first trademark in Vietnam to hold copyright and use Disney's images for production after it passed a series of Disney strict global standards. From 2017 till now, with over 20 media and advertising awards throughout the Asia-Pacific region and the world as a whole, including Google, MMA, PRAsia and Tangrams, Biti’s has proven the outstanding attractiveness and international quality of its products. According to the annual report by Euromonitor International, a market research firm, Biti's is recognized as the No. 1 footwear brand in Vietnam.

After 38 years of tireless efforts, Biti's has become a common roof for more than 8,200 employees, made over 20 million pairs a year, and exported its products to more than 40 countries around the world. In addition, Biti's has also been trusted by well-known international partners such as Decathlon, Clarks, Speedo, Skechers and Lotto who have placed many big orders.

How have you become the winner of a series of domestic and international marketing awards?

At Biti's, “Embrace” is something we always keep in mind in every activity, whether we create new products or convey any media messages. Biti's has been attached to “embracing the feet of many Vietnamese generations”. Broadly and inspiringly speaking, we want to affirm the role of a brand in the minds of Vietnamese consumers that embraces footsteps and progressive values ​​of Vietnamese people. This is what young people think and feel proud of Redsnow and Redpride shoes.

Consumers today, especially younger generations, are bombarded by numerous promotional messages every day, even every hour. Therefore, at Biti's, we always spend most of our time preparing for a media campaign to dig deep and find out a true story - a true message that consists of three elements: Authenticity, Inspiration and Impact.

Vietnam has once again shone on the world map with success in the battle against Covid-19 pandemic, and this is an inspiration for Biti's to launch the Biti's Hunter Street Black Line to treasure creativity, compassion, energy as well as optimism of people on the front lines against the epidemic. In addition, until now, Biti's has always utilized the “Proudly Made in Vietnam” story from many perspectives. Proudly Made in Vietnam is not only a short-term campaign but it also a long-term platform that Biti's is committed to building and looking forward to coordination of many Vietnamese businesses and consumers.

The marketing story is extremely impressive. So, what about product quality of Biti's?

We are very proud of being compared to the National Value by consumers when we have high-class and trendy footwear.

It is worth mentioning that Biti's world-leading strategic partners that we have outsourced for like Clark - a 200-year British footwear brand. We are also a partner of the world's largest sports equipment supermarket chain, Decathlon. By outsourcing for and cooperating with world-leading brands, Biti's has improved its product quality and world-class professional manufacturing processes.

Needless to say, higher development and demand causes people to find smartness and comfort in products. This is the driving force for us to launch the Biti's Smart Project, which makes shoes integrated with sensors and smart chips, opening up a huge potential for application beyond the framework of traditional footwear. With Biti's Smart, we not only help keep track of movement and health but also propose the degree and kinds of activities necessary to develop generations of physically developed Vietnamese people and then impact brain development.

Which strategies has Biti's adopted to become a strong manufacturer of consumer goods in Asia?

As the No. 1 brand in the Vietnamese footwear industry and one of national brands in the minds of consumers, Biti's has always eyed for its long-term vision with its open heart and innovative solutions. The core of all Biti's development orientation is always faithful to the approach that “people are placed at the heart.”

Specifically, the first key strategy is to invest in research and development together with infrastructure construction for Big Data application and personalization application to core activities of the company. The second key strategy is to invest in human resources through Happy Biti's projects, make employees happy, and train human resources for the farther reach on the world market. We may have a long way to go but we are proud to go together for a prosperous, progressive and happy Vietnam.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum