Joining Forces for Better Business Support

9:02:03 AM | 3/8/2020

In 2019, Vinh Phuc province scored 6.1 points in the business support services, down 0.25 points from 2018, ranking No. 36 out of 63 provinces and cities. Resolved to raise this index and improve the overall Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), the Department of Industry and Trade has actively carried out many consistent solutions.

As an advisory body for the Vinh Phuc Provincial People's Committee on PCI improvement, every year, the Department of Industry and Trade works with relevant departments and agencies to boost business support to assist local enterprises to have a wider access to investment incentives; and actively launched activities to remove difficulties and obstacles against businesses and investors. At the same time, to carry out business startup programs; effectively consult on administrative procedures, support enterprises to expand the market, sell products and train human resources; and provide legal aid for businesses, in 2019, the Department of Industry and Trade proposed reducing 154 days of settling 47 administrative procedures for enterprises; and standardizing 121 administrative procedures carried out at the Vinh Phuc Public Administration Center and update into the specialized software available on its website.

However, in reality, business-related administrative procedures remain quite cumbersome. Many businesses, especially smaller ones, do not have access to information on business support services and policies in the province. In addition, there are not many providers of technology, trade promotion or market search and legal advice services while service quality is not high. The organization of business conferences, forums and dialogues as well as trade and investment promotion events is limited in both quantity and scale.

To overcome limitations and inadequacies, create a clear business environment, and raise the business support services index, right since the beginning of 2020, the Department of Industry and Trade has advised the Provincial People's Committee to reduce the time needed to handle administrative procedures in many fields, simultaneously published administrative procedures on local relevant websites and at the Provincial Public Service Center; sped up communications on guidelines and policies of the central government and the province to local companies; assisted enterprises to build e-commerce websites; and helped businesses, especially SMEs, to access loans.

Last but not least, the department has concentrated on accelerating infrastructure completion in industrial zones, created a favorable business environment to attract investors; boosted trade promotion programs; built e-commerce websites, and facilitated local businesses to access information, mechanisms and policies of the government; and regularly monitored and updated operations of local companies to have best solutions to their existing hardships difficulties through regular government-business conferences and dialogues.

By Thanh Loan, Vietnam Business Forum