Kieu Bridge Adorns Natural Beauty of Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

9:36:18 AM | 8/25/2020

It is impossible to not admire the creative and unique works by An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company (An Giang Tourimex) since it officially started renovating the ecological campus in the Tra Su tourist site. Among dozens of invested items, Kieu Bridge is considered a "pen stroke", rustic but extremely impressive, adorning the splendid natural scenery of Tra Su melaleuca forest.

Adorned with special creative and intelligent works of art, Tra Su - sleeping princess - has been confidently undertaking the mission of welcoming visitors from all regions to visit. And once again, Tra Su continues to receive another typical project with a creative design, adding to the forest an artistic stroke symbolizing the prosperity of the area.

If anyone wishes to explore the simplicity, rustic and closeness of the Mekong River region, Tra Su tourist area will be a place to bring him/her a cultural slice with the images of bamboo bridges and wooden bridges associated with the daily life of people in the old Western countryside.

Such bridges have a typical cultural value in the history of development in the Southwestern region. Due to the above reasons, the investor has specially used the images and rustic materials close to that culture, meticulously designed and constructed to preserve these cherished values ​​into the landscape of the forest. The most recent famous work is the longest bamboo bridge in Vietnam, and the investor is continuing to build a wooden bridge over the canal from the entrance to the other side of the melaleuca forest campus.

Instead of waiting for their turn to be able to take the boat ride across the shore to the campus, with the construction of the bridge to the other side will help visitors save their waiting time, extending more time to experience and enjoy nature on their own.

With a sophisticated design, the image of the longest bamboo bridge in Vietnam is stylized with a "welcome" version and a modern breath, the bridge welcomes tourists from all over the world, lying on the banks of the canal across the forest, creating a sacred bond of love between people and wild nature, and tightening the symbiotic relationship between visitors, investors and this tropical melaleuca museum. The work will quickly create an impressive highlight for everyone coming to experience the ecotourism destination right from the moment they step into the gate.

Kieu Bridge means the prosperous development of An Giang province, symbolizing the celebration of the recent event that Long Xuyen city of the province was recognized by the Prime Minister as a class I city.

In the near future, when this wooden bridge is completed, this will earn Tra Su tourist area a new record of "the most beautiful wooden bridge in the melaleuca forest in Vietnam". This will be the basis for the melaleuca paradise to continue to reach another record in the near future - the ecotourism destination with the most records in Vietnam.

The picture of An Giang with the key economic sector of tourism will become more brilliant, with the enthusiastic and determined contributions from strategic investors, typically An Giang Tourimex, through their efforts to make this clean industry rise high and grow well.

By Duy Anh, Vietnam Business Forum