SHTP: Vision toward Smart, Innovative Hi-Tech Park

9:40:00 AM | 9/9/2020

Established on October 24, 2002, Saigon High-Tech Park (SHTP) is one of three national high-tech parks established by the Government, with a vision toward a science and technology city that lays the basic foundation for development of knowledge economy of Ho Chi Minh City and the southern key economic region, and becomes an attractive destination for high-tech capital, technology and human resources.

As of August 2020, SHTP attracted 158 domestic and foreign investors with a total investment fund of over US$7.7 billion, including 50 FDI projects with US$5.7 billion, accounting for 73% of total investment fund and 108 domestic projects with US$2.03 billion. The successful attraction of prestigious high-tech firms from the United States (Intel and Techtronic Industry), Japan (Nidec and Nipro), South Korea (Samsung) and France (Sanofi and Schneider Electronics) has made the name of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and Vietnam in general on the world high-tech map.

The development of SHTP is divided into four phases: Startup, Formation, Acceleration and Innovation. Currently, SHTP is in the stage of high-tech innovation, R&D investment and product commercialization from the high-tech research and development business center. Accumulation to August 2020, SHTP had a production value of about US$77 billion, and export value reached US$73 billion.

SHTP is pursuing a mission to mobilize resources, facilities and technologies to speed up high-tech research, training and incubation as well as high-tech product commercialization. SHTP is focusing on attracting high-tech investment from innovative start-ups and projects of multinational high-tech corporations.

The project for formation and development of an innovative and highly interactive city in the east of Ho Chi Minh City, to become a new growth driver for the city in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, includes six key innovation contents: SHTP Automated Manufacturing Center; Thu Thiem Fintech Center; Rach Chiec Sports and Health Area; Educational Technology Center - Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City; Tam Da Ecological Technology Park; and Truong Tho Future Urban Area. SHTP is defined as the nucleus for accelerated development of this city, provides and nurtures scientific and technological ideas, attracts high-tech capital, technology and human resources from domestic and international investors, and adapts to the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

To become a developed smart and innovative technology zone in ASEAN, SHTP is calling for more hi-tech investment projects and hi-tech supporting industries in the second phase, and paying special attention to domestic and international high-tech research and development and incubation projects.

Saigon Hi-Tech Park Management Board

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Source: Vietnam Business Forum