Attracting Resources for High-tech Agriculture

10:32:41 AM | 14/9/2020

“High-tech application to agricultural production is a vital approach for current agriculture in Binh Dinh,” Mr. Tran Van Phuc, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Binh Dinh Province said in an interview granted to Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter. Nguyen Bach reports.

Many effective high-tech agricultural models have been adopted by Binh Dinh province in recent years. Could you please briefly introduce these models?

High-tech application to agricultural production is a vital approach for current agriculture in Binh Dinh province. The province formed specialized high-tech farming areas like apricot blossom in An Nhon, chrysanthemum in Tuy Phuoc, organic vegetables in Tuy Phuoc, Tay Son, An Nhon and Vinh Thanh, coconut in Hoai Nhon, and green-skin pomelo in Hoai An.

In husbandry, some concentrated livestock farming areas have basically been established, such as dairy cows of Vinamilk, pigs in Hoai An, crossbred cows in An Nhon, Tay Son, Vinh Thanh; poultry in Tuy Phuoc. In fisheries, the initial high-tech application to catching and preserving marine products has helped increase economic incomes for fishermen. In aquaculture, water circulation technology, probiotics technology, PCR technology application for early detection of shrimp pathogens in high-quality white shrimp production have been applied.

In forestry, science and technology has been applied to the production of high-quality plant seedlings, including tissue culture technology used for hybrid acacia and eucalyptus lines recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, helping raise productivity, quality and value of planted forests.

How has the province attracted companies to invest in high-tech agriculture so far?

To date, Binh Dinh province has drawn some businesses to invest in high-tech agriculture. For example, in livestock husbandry, Minh Du Poultry Breeding Company Limited is a leading chicken breeding company in Vietnam with more than 10% of the market share of chicken breeds nationwide. Cao Khanh Poultry Breeding Company Limited provides 1.4-1.8 million baby chickens to the market a month, or 15-18 million baby chickens a year.

In the fishery sector, Viet Uc Binh Dinh Joint Stock Company (a member of Viet Uc Seafood Corporation) produces white-leg shrimp and giant tiger prawn. In particular, Viet Uc Phu My Co., Ltd applies a commercial shrimp farming project on a 300-ha farm in the My Thanh Hi-Tech Agricultural Zone, Phu My.

Building and developing high-tech agriculture models requires a huge investment capital. So, to encourage farmers and cooperatives to promote high-tech application, the government needs preference and support mechanisms and policies. What about Binh Dinh province?

To support farmers and cooperatives to build high-tech agricultural development models, the Provincial People’s Committee issued a policy to support agricultural production and consumption in Binh Dinh province in 2019 - 2025; and approved the list of important commodities and products that need to be encouraged, prioritized and supported for production and consumption according to the Government’s Decree 98/2018/ND-CP dated July 5, 2018 in Binh Dinh province.

The Provincial People's Committee also approved plans for cultivation, husbandry, forestry, fisheries and irrigation. The provincial government ratified a project to replace crops on rice-growing land to more profitable crops to 2020 in Binh Dinh province, and a project establishing a high-tech agricultural zone for shrimp development in My Thanh commune, Phu My district, Binh Dinh province. It applied criteria for high-tech aquatic seeding area and criteria for high-tech commercial shrimp farming area in Binh Dinh.

In the coming time, to create a driving force for stronger local high-tech agricultural development, which key solutions will Binh Dinh focus on?

In the coming time, the province will well apply mechanisms and policies to promote development of high-tech, organic farming to ensure food safety standards and climate change adaptation for higher production values. Specifically, it will focus on intensive farming of commercial rice, upgrade upland crops (peanuts, maize, sesame and vegetables), and expand vegetable, flower and fruit areas.

The province will continue to build high-tech livestock farms, build Nhon Tan concentrated breeding area into a high-tech breeding area of the province, apply high-tech to build automated, closed organic livestock farms that meet VietGAP standards for organic, safe and quality criteria. The province will invest in tissue culture technology in forestry seedling production and trading, and plan sustainable forest management with a forest stewardship certificate for planted forests.

Binh Dinh province will invest in modern gear on fishing boats; apply advanced technology in seafood preservation; expand tuna production and purchase with export chains powered by Japanese technology; and further build and develop high-tech white-leg shrimp farming.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum