Goldland Con Khuong Creating Prosperity, Uplifting Life

9:28:19 AM | 25/9/2020

Goldland Con Khuong, an urban area project invested by An Khuong Real Estate Company Limited, has now entered the sprint finish of its construction progress. A gradual formation of a modern, green city promises to create a classy, distinctive and attractive life in Can Tho City.

Highlighted new urban area 

In recent years, the traffic infrastructure in Can Tho City has been constantly invested and developed, helping connect it seamlessly with localities in the region, Ho Chi Minh City and the whole country. As an economic - education - health center of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho has a lot of opportunities to attract investment and develop industrial, service, tourism and other sectors in the coming time, and draw a lot of experts, engineers and workers to work and live, resulting in high housing demand.

Grasping this trend, An Khuong Company launched Goldland Con Khuong Project under Decision 3591/QD-UBND dated December 1, 2015 of the Can Tho People's Committee. The project, covering 23.037 ha of land and costing over VND402 billion for construction, includes townhouse land (561 lots), villa land (43 lots), and social housing land (348 adjacent houses, equivalent to 20% of the residential land of the project). In addition, 2,164 square meters of land is used for multi-functional commercial and residential facilities.
As mentioned above, Can Tho, the capital of the Mekong Delta region, is changing robustly into a civilized and modern metropolis. Like Phu My Hung Urban Area (in Ho Chi Minh City), Goldland Con Khuong, situated in Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu District, is also planned to become the center of the city. Can Tho, with modern urban areas, meets development requirements in the new period.
Besides, the city set development requirements for Goldland Con Khuong with its own values. That is to keep regional styles in architectural construction, featured by low-rise houses, green space, airy and fresh climate, carry a modern “body” but still showing traditional virtues of southwestern people.
This requires investors to have devotion and vision and adherence to the city’s leadership.
Goldland Con Khuong with a desire to create prosperity and uplift the value of life, has shaped a sizable modern urban area with very well-made design and synchronous infrastructure investment. Specifically, the investor arranged 87,607 square meters to build traffic infrastructure to ensure smooth connectivity and 10,485 square meters for educational works.
In addition, Goldland Con Khuong demonstrates the value of public service with essential amenities, such as an 18-story trade center, shophouses, amusement park, modern entertainment facilities, high-class resort and many other utility services. The highlight of the project is the 14,142-square meter park designed to create a green landscape, fresh air and a friendly living environment.
When the project was designed, the investor was sensitive to including the culture and humanity of the southwest as the hub. The living space is friendly to the environment and brings nature close to habitants. The houses are surrounded by green trees and grass to generate fresh and cool air. It is not only a place for families to live, but also a place to relax and enjoy life after tiring working hours.
Besides, according to the old concept, “the best place to live is near the market, the second best is near to the river.” To build a house, a place near a river is preferred, because fertile soil is good for agriculture, a favorable waterway is good for trade development and the crowds will speed urbanization. According to feng-shui, the land near the river is the land of vitality and prosperity.
These elements are present in Goldland Con Khuong as it lies next to the Hau River, on the arterial trade route of the Mekong Delta, on fertile land where the green and coolness is seen and felt all year round. In addition, this place is also connected to Nguyen Van Cu Street, one of major and vibrant streets of Can Tho City. Interestingly, just across the Con Khuong Bridge, the bustling atmosphere gives way to tranquility and romance of Goldland Con Khuong “oasis”. 
Attractive investment opportunity
Goldland Con Khuong has become a “magnet” to investors. To achieve its business development needs and bring profit to investors, the project developer has focused on developing shophouses and business streets to obtain best investment value.
“A row of townhouses, an 18-story shopping center, modern parks and entertainment facilities will release a new wind into the Can Tho real estate market, becoming a new center of entertainment and shopping for local residents and tourists,” a representative of An Khuong Company affirmed.
With the motto "Prestige - Quality", right after taking on the project, An Khuong Company carefully selected contractors to meet construction requirements. Up to now, the project has already completed 82.56% of ground clearance; and levelled 320,000 cubic meters of sand (51.6% of designed volume). Furthermore, the company has built over 50% of traffic infrastructure, drainage system and pavements and other facilities. The total disbursed budget is over VND202 billion.
From now to the end of the year, the company will accelerate investment for infrastructure construction, particularly social infrastructure (education, commercial centers and high-end apartments). It will complete utilities, services and trade facilities such as water parks, shophouses, villas, townhouses and serviced trade centers, and is expected to be put into operation in 2021 - 2022, fulfilling its commitment to the Can Tho City People’s Committee.
According to a representative of An Khuong Company, promoting what it has achieved with Goldland Con Khuong New Urban Area, in the coming period, An Khuong Company will choose to invest in feasible projects, not only in Can Tho City but also in other potential localities in order to bring valuable products to customers. In this way, it can boost the name of An Khuong in the Can Tho real estate market in particular and in the Mekong Delta region in general.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum