Aquaculture 4.0

10:05:35 AM | 20/10/2020

In aquatic farming, processing and exporting, feeds are key to product quality and cost. To have healthy fish schools, farmers need to actively provide appropriate nutrients every day. Aquacultural experts recommend quality feeds as a “golden key” for farmers to open 80% of the door to productivity and economic efficiency.

New way of thinking needed

It is said that “If you want to be rich, raise fish, if you want to live from hand to mouth, raise pigs.” Although aquaculture is not always smooth, it is a good source of income for farmers. For years, fish farming has developed strongly and brought a large amount of foreign currencies into our country from exports.

However, for a long time, fish are mainly raised by farmers in ponds and rafts and fed with rough fish or corn bran and rice bran. Many pond owners said they used to feed fish with trash fish and rice bran. This was both wasteful and environment-polluting.

Sao Mai Super Feed staff teaching farming techniques

For example, the protein content of pure corn bran and rice bran is about 7% and 10-11%, respectively. To achieve 30% of protein content in a 1 kg feed, 4.5 kg of corn bran (costing about VND26,000) or 3 kg of rice bran (about VND30,000) is needed.

Meanwhile, 1 kg of quality fish feed with a 30% protein content costs VND12,000-14,000, using industrial feed will clearly reduce production cost. Besides, the feed conversion ratio (FCR) is very low. Thus, the feed cost for 1 kg of tilapia is only from VND19,000. Since then, the shift from natural feed to industrial feed helped farmers have stable input supplies while cutting costs and reducing environmental impacts.

Sao Mai Super Feed - a powerful assistant for farmers to get rich

After nearly three years on the market, Sao Mai Super Feed always strives to bring farmers high-quality, effective products that are the “smart choice” for them. With its deep understanding of farmers’ needs and its dedication to quality, Sao Mai Super Feed has gradually won the trust of customers.

Nguyen Thanh Binh from Vinh My village, Vinh Thanh town, Vinh Thanh district, Can Tho city, is raising three ponds of red tilapia, covering 1,000 m2. “Using Sao Mai Super Feed, fish grow very quickly. The feed conversion ratio is only 1.6. Positively, the fish grow evenly, with an average size of 700 gram each. My selling price is VND1,000-2,000 higher per kg than other farming households. Given the currently catastrophic drop of red tilapia price (VND32,000 per kg), I still have a net profit of about VND6,000-7,000 per kg and earn over VND400 million of profit a season,” he said.

Fish farmers visit Sao Mai Super Feed

Luu Vinh Phu, nutrition expert of Sao Mai Super Feed Co., Ltd, said, “Sao Mai Super Feed has many product lines for various choices of customers, including feed for tra and basa catfish, snakehead fish, chitala, tilapia, red tilapia, grass carp and common carp -  both fingerlings and adults. Sao Mai Super Feed currently has distributors, agents and retailers across the country. Many customers have reported the product helps the fish with good absorption, strong digestive system, stable growth index and beautiful shape."

Dr. Le Thanh Hung, lecturer from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry, said, “Sao Mai Super Feed contains natural nutritional ingredients such as protein, lipid, calcium, fiber, vitamins and amino acids to help fish develop uniformly, have good resistance, grow fast, and have strong flesh. The products meet international standards such as HACCP, ISO, GLOBAL, GAP, ASC and BAP, helping farmers improve commercial value and economic efficiency of fish.”

By Quoc Hung, Vietnam Business Forum