MoF Collects Opinions for 2021 State Budget Estimates

1:42:12 PM | 4/11/2020

The Ministry of Finance released a public report on State budget estimates for the fiscal year of 2021 in order to promptly, fully and accurately provide key information in connection with the Government’s judgement on the fulfilment of State budget tasks in 2020 and budgetary revenue and expenditure plans in 2021. The report will be submitted to the 14th National Assembly (NA) for consideration and approval.

The report consists of four parts: Budgetary status in 2020, budgetary estimate in 2021, State budgetary and financial plan in 2021-2023; and the appendix.

Currently, the report on State budget estimate in 2021, to be submitted to the National Assembly by the Government, is being publicly posted on the website of the Ministry of Finance in order to collect comments from organizations and individuals to make sure that State budget estimates are increasingly transparent and effective, helpful for socioeconomic development and community purposes.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum